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In my “Ask Jim” post there are some I can answer rather quicky, so in this post I’ll answer 3 of those questions. These are all Link related questions.

Question 3, Peter simply asks:

Content, or Links?

I’d have to say both. and I’ll add – Equally both. Often in my past I used to say “90% links”…but ya know, today it’s so much both that I’d say it’s equal…with only 1 (content or links) you’ll get nowhere. I might have once said things like “Content is King, and Links are Queen”…but again – you need them both to survive today.


Question 5. Brett asks:

Who do you think the top 10 link building experts are? It is okay to add yourself to the list.

Well….most of you are familiar with the big names who focus on link building like these greats: Andy, Eric, Debra, and the link brokers like PatrickJarrod and Rob…but ya know….I’d bet that the best are people that don’t offer their services publically. These are the people who are so good that they’re under the radar to you and to me. These could be the lurkers here on my blog, or the lurkers and moderators at the biggest forums that you wonder what they do for a living. Simple answer…I’d bet the best link builders in the world are unknown to you and to me.

Ok….Marketing Jim is jumping out for a second here….OK, yes….I think that I’m the best. I’m not in this game to be #2….I’m working and learning all the time so that I can strive to be the best in the world at the art of link building. That’s just my opinion, and what I believe.


Next question:

Garrett asks:

Can you over do it with free or paid directory links? How fast or slow should you go about building links like this? Any tips for avoiding duplicate content with CMS’s like phpbb or wordpress?

Directory links….hum…I’m treading a line here since I’m friends with many directory owners…but let me quote Martinibuster here a few times:

From Stuntdubl’s interview with Roger:

There are a handful of quality directories out there right now, but I would say that the days of visiting your friendly neighborhood list of directories and bottom feeding the cheapest directories are over.

Roger also has a great post called “Directories with a Kick Me Sign on Their Backs” that every SEO should read.

I will say that I’d personally not submit to more directories than I have fingers for …on one hand…there’s DMOZ, there’s Yahoo…and there’s 1 or 2 others that’s it.

Garrett’s second part of his question is

How fast or slow should you go about building links like this?

I’ll say that if you’re building links right, you shouldn’t have to worry about building too fast (to me building links by hand is a slow and steady process)…if you’ve suddenly overnight got links from 200 directories….or 200 “links pages”…then yea, you’re putting a big sign on your back saying “Hey Google, I’m a SEO trying to artifically inflate my backlinks – kick me”.

The last part of Garrett’s question is:

Any tips for avoiding duplicate content with CMS’s like phpbb or wordpress?

Sorry. I don’t have any answers for that…anyone have that answer?


4 Responses

  1. >Any tips for avoiding duplicate content with CMS’s like phpbb or wordpress?

    There really isn’t much of a duplicate content penalty – so I wouldn’t swet it that much. The only real dangers are:

    1) Splitting up your inbound links. This won’t be much of a problem on wordpress as most people will either link to your homepage or a specific blog post. However Every post should be no more than 2 clicks from the homepage with the post you want to rank being 1 click from the homepage.

    2) XML in some cases outranking more user friendly pages.

    However, if you really want to tackle the problem you can do it with the robots.txt and google sitemap.

    With robots.txt, you can specifiy which pages you do not want indexed.

    If you want to have more control, in your google sitemap you can set priority from .1 to 1. Give the highest priority to the pages you think should have the highest priority.

  2. I luv, luv, luv, wordpress it has so many plugins that just take care of so many things unless you’re playing in a cut throat space I can’t really see a need not to use it. I’m also pretty big into tinkering, in fact in most cases I know just enough to really screw things up 😉 . That said I push worpress pretty hard in a lot of different ways, and I’ve never had a problem with duplicate content on one domain, even when I was trying to screw something up.

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