19 Oct 2005

Cool SEO Tool Updated – V2

Cool SEO Tool, V2

Hot on the heals of coming out with the Cool SEO Tool, we just updated it. We added 2 more columns to show how the top 10 sites in Google fare in Yahoo and MSN.

If you haven’t tried this tool today, I’d highly recommend giving it a spin. It really is by far the best tool we’ve come out with to date.

Cool SEO Tool – Careful, you could become addicted to this one!


  1. NeoNetMarketing November 23, 2005 at 3:19 PM

    SEO Tools

    Quality Search Engine Optimization requires analysis. Efficient analysis requires good tools. Jim Boykin’s Cool SEO Tool is one of many tools freely available from his site. BTW, Jim posted this new tool over a month ago; obviously, we are overd…

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