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New Free SEO Tools from WBP – Sweet!

I’ve been keeping our programmer pretty busy this past month by having him fix some of our old internet marketing tools, and creating new SEO tools for both private and public use.

My favorite SEO tool is our new version of the old Cool SEO Tool, now called The Top 10 Analysis SEO Tool, if you haven’t given it a spin, check it out!

Here’s our new We Build Pages SEO tools:

  • Strongest Subpages Tool – Finds 30 of your most backlinked subpages and shows how many pages on other sites that  are linking to those pages.
  • Top Competitor Tool – Find who ranks in the top 10 accross Yahoo, Google, and MSN.
  • Forward Link Title Tag Tool – Looks at who you link out to, and shows their title tags and if there’s any errors.
  • Internal Link Title Tag Tool – shows your title tags and if there are any errors with your internal links.
  • Sitemap tool – the creators of this tool let you put this on your site, so we did – thanks!

Improved or fixed tools:

There’s other cool tools as well on our internet marketing tools page.

If you like these free tools, please link to them. Thanks!

Anyone have ideas for new tools or improvements to these?


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  1. So, that’s the reason I’m always getting errors these past few days while using the cool seo tool now a.k.a. top 10 analysis tool.

    But the Neat-O tool looks like it has been downgraded or or something. I used to see ALL the backlinks when I use it. Now it’s only showing I guess about half of the backlinks.

    What could’ve caused this? I think I like the Neat-O tool the way it used to.

  2. I really like the “Strongest Subpages Tool”, but fail to see how the “Sitemap tool” would help most webmasters.

  3. Cool stuff… already been playing with the strongest sub page tool

    looks like you are taking the top ranks of Google inurl command and get the backlinks via Yahoo, right?

    thanks for these great tools,

  4. Really great tools — thanks for making them available! 😀

    I do have one feature request for you… Could there be a link on the results page of each tool (where appropriate) to download the data as a CSV file?

    Thanks again! 🙂

  5. Your tools above, it was great best SEO tools that i was found ever.
    Specially for tracking my competitor with specific keywords.

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