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Get backlinks from pages that have backlinks.

Last week we released a handful of new SEO Tools, and updated some older SEO tools. One of these tools has quickly turned into my new favorite tools….the Strongest Subpages tool. (we’ve also got a private version that shows the top 100 subpages, and shows the title tags for those pages).

So why do I love this tool you ask?

Because you can find the best pages to get links from using this tool!

I spent some time today sending some ad request emails, and used this tool in the process.

If I found what appeared to be a great site, and one that I thought might give me some advertising space, I’d run the site through this tool to find the most powerful subpages and try to get ads on those pages.

Why? Well, for one, these are the pages that have been referenced the most, so the content on these pages must be of quality. Also, since these pages are often referenced, they probably get the most traffic, and thus click throughs as well.

Think about this….if you were google, and you wanted to not count crappy links pages, or pages with no value, then an easy filter would be "Don’t count any link that comes from any page that doesn’t have outside links to it".

If you’re getting a link from a page that no other site links to (beyond that site), what is the true trust of that page?

However, if you get a link from a subpage, that has lots of links to it, and your link is on that page, there’s outside trust flowing to that page.

If you’re getting links from pages that only has internal links to it, I doubt there’s much value in it.

I sealed a deal already from one of the sites I contacted today.

The first page I got an ad from had more backlinks than the sites homepage had (the homepage had ~300 outside backlinks to it, the most powerful subpage had over 2000 outside backlinks to it). This page was relevant to one of my clients, so I got an ad there.

They had another subpage that had close to 200 backlinks to it, and I had another client related to that topic, so I got another ad there.

I’d bet that these pages count a lot more than if I had gotten ads on pages that had no outside links to it. I bet they’ll also get some nice click throughs.


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  1. A few days ago, it was doing well. But I got that “Bad Request: limit exceeded” result just today. I’m sure this is just some bug that will soon be fixed.

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  3. Jim this is an excellent tool not only for SEO for also for advertising. More links coming in … more traffic that page might see.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I’ll be sure to mention it on my blog.

  4. Hey Jim – good writeup on the strongest subpage tool…

    @Michael – that won’t work … Yahoo does the rate filter based on the IP number that the request comes from, so you have to convince Jim to build a network of proxies to allow that – it’s not about the API ids (you can get as muchas you want), it’s about the IPs

  5. Christoph is correct in his response to Michael.
    We can make free, and overuse will stop some tools for working for a bit….or we can charge, and limit the use…but not sure if I want to charge….at least I’ve got my own private versions that always work 😉

  6. Hi Jim,

    I´ve tried the strongest subpage tool but it wouldn´t work for me because it automatically adds “www” to the domain name.

    As I have a 301 redirect from www to non-www version on my domain there are only few links pointing to the www-version and only the main page is indexed in Yahoo.

    If you fix this your tools could help a lot more webmasters.


  7. hmmm… I already added that this “own api-key” field is useless as the IPs of Jims server are tracked…

    for yahoo it is NOT an API-key (for a user, as with the Google API) but an “application-id” to help you track the requests made from one application over multiple servers/IPs

    in short – that change didn’t enhance anything, except Jim won’t be able to track the use of your application anymore if you all use different api keys

    if anyonedoesn’t want to register an own api key use this



  8. Well, a local widget would require PHP/perl installation, a server that allows that kind of stuff installed on your server…

    OR – a little program to run in your browser – a plugin – and do all the queries decentralized 🙂

    (but that’s a scary thing – that’s also how email spam zombie bot networks are built 🙂

  9. Some time ago I experimented with some websites as we were learning about linking and moving and changing links from banner ads to content links etc.

    How interesting–and I can confirm this from my own little experiment–now that I can check w/Jim’s tool. We got the most traffic from the pages w/the most inbound links.

    Thanks Jim.

  10. Jim, another quality post – thanks for that!

    On your Yahoo API issue you have to buy a bunch of extra-IPs for your server and your programmer has to use sockets to map to those IPs… Been using that fine for 40 IPs, giving you 40×5000 = 200,000 requests per 24 hours possible to Yahoo …

    Sometimes you need more than a few searches to get good data 🙂

    Presell Page Man

  11. Hey Jim, once again great post. I never knew that such a tool existed until now. The only thing I found somewhat misleading was that you shouldn’t worry so much about the quantity of links (you mentioned 2000 vs 300) but rather the quality of the links. Thanks for a great blog! keep up the good work

  12. This is indeed very sweet. We must always take precaution though to not make our links increase at an unnatural rate. It would be good if we could schedule a certain number of links on a daily basis.

  13. Thanks for this information. Will you please write some words on what is the value of backlinks with different contents then your site?


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