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Tuesday Night Link Request Spammer Fun.

> Dear webmaster,
> we are very interested in a linkxchange with your website.
> We could offer you a PR 6 page for your reciprocal link –
> texas- holdem- – we will place
> your link under the left menu on this page. Do you agree? If yes, then
> send us please the exact location where you could place our link.
> Thanks.
> Jeremy CXXXXX (edited last name)


My Response:

Sure, I can place you link on any of these pages:
choose 1 and let me know.

Sometimes I just can’t help it.


10 Responses

  1. Clever!

    Still it’s sad that so many of these ridiculous messages spam up my inbox. The crap keeps coming, which means that enough people out there are actually responding to them…

  2. What a coincidence…. I got that exact same email!

    I didn’t know you had gambling sites Jim.

  3. Funny, i received the same email from this person. Multiple times. I dont feel so special now, Mr. Casino told me i was his one and only 🙁

  4. This sort of rubbish should be banned. Do they not understand it just a waste of there time on yours not to mention the bandwidth that’s wasted as well.

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