23 May 2006

Tuesday Night Link Spammer Fun.

Tuesday night Link Spammer Fun:

So this email landed in my inbox….I must be in a silly mood because I just responded for fun.

Dear Webmaster,

We are interested in exchanging links (indirect 3-way linking) with your site, http://www.webuildpages.com/.

Your link is already shown on our website,
http:// www. abc-online-casino.biz –/links/, category: Other > Computers & Internet. The details are as follows:

Name: Internet Marketing – Web Site Designer
URL: http://www.webuildpages.com/
Description: We build pages offers internet marketing and web site design services. Specializing in google. Want traffic?
Category: Other > Computers & Internet

In exchange we would like our site listed on your links page using the following details:

Name: online roulette
URL: http://www.  gamblingplanet  –.org/roulette.php
Description: Learn everything about roulette or play online!

We will check for reciprocation within the next few days.

If you have any other sites, we can swap links with those as well. Just
contact us.

Best regards,

Samuel Wagner

So I responded with:

Hi Samuel,
This sounds like the best idea I’ve heard in a long time!

I’ve added your link to our links page on webuildpages.com and I think I can get you a link from this page http://plato.stanford.edu/ as well. I’ll give you that link if you link to my site at www.kid-porn-and-wife-beating.com (will be live any day).

Here’s the info to help you out:

Name: Kid Porn and Wife Beating
URL:  http://www.kid-porn-and-wife-beating.com
Services: Hey yea, we’re crazy, it’s Kid Porn and wife beating.
Category: Other > Other > Other

Thanks Again,

You ever F*&^% with link request people?