22 May 2006

Cat Post: It was 11 years ago today.

11 years ago today I was living in my pickup truck. I was spending a lot of time in the Haight-Ashbury district in San Fran.  It was about this time 11 years ago that I collected $170 in foodstamps (the only money I’ve ever had to collect like this).

Right now we work in Troy NY – and we have one of the best offices in the city, with the best views around. We’re on the second floor, above the local Chamber of Commerce. I’m looking to move us to the 5th (top) floor…..it’s the total "Executive Ritz" office space…but also perfectly layed out for my team to function as I’d like it. 

I just got another tour of the space tonight, and in my future office I noticed a picture on the wall of Denali (tallest mountain in North America – in Alaska). In my current office I also have a picture of Denali (I worked there in 1993 washing dishes, then being a prep cook, the line cook, then assistant kitchen manager…..all within 5 months! In my time off I did a lot of exploring, both internally and externally.  I had a blast there)….to think that my future office has one picutre on the wall, and it’s Denali too! It was meant for me….it’s such a killer space, and my, I’ve traveled far…and my, what a long strange trip it’s been (and continues to be)! (as I listen to Terripan Station)