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SEO PowWow Next Week – Jan 18th.

SEO PowWow Wed Jan 18th Troy New York.

Continued from this SEO PowWow Thread.

There’s currently about 35-40 people coming to the first ever SEO PowWow in Troy New York. I feel that’s a big number for just saying "come have a drink with some SEO’s".

Our Link Ninjas class ends around 5:00pm that day, and after that we’ll be heading over to Troy’s own Browns Brewing for the first ever SEO PowWow and dinner and drinks thoughout the night.

The SEO PowWow is free to attend (you buy your own food and drinks).

I’ll probably spend the night at the Franklin Square Inn (about 5 minute walk from bar). Several new SEO link ninjas are spending the night there as well, as well as some PowWow travelers.

The list of people attending are on this SEO Pow wow page, as well as those who have sent me emails, some webuildpages employees, Aaron Wall (fresh from some teaching some Ninja’s), as well maybe a suprise guest or two.

I have a big box of BOTW Web Directory Cool Shirts Thanks guys – cool directory of blogs you’ve got going there too! Bruce from Skaffe and the WowDirectory (up for sale), is handing out some Skaffe Shirts as well – Thanks Bruce!

If any reps from the engines would like to come, I’d be happy to buy drinks for them all night (even if it’s Sprite, Matt). (Tim, Boston’s only 2 1/2 hours away) Paul from Ask?, MSN reps? ….

I had this idea of playing poker that night (betting links instead of $), but my team thinks I’m crazy, so we’ll still be drinking at Browns. (hey, maybe real late at night if you’re game 😉


Warm up your bongo’s and drums, the SEO PowWow is next week!

If you are coming, and you haven’t already, tell my by posting below.

How to get here:


To get here by Plane:
Fly in to Albany New York Airport.
Once you get off the plane, follow the signs to the luggage pickup.
Go out the doors by the luggage carousel. In the median of the road outside is where you pick up taxis.

If you’re staying at the Franklin Square Inn, Tell the Taxi you’re going to Troy, just on the other side of the Green Island Bridge. Feel free to hand them this map: (13 minute cab ride).

By Car:
Take NY Rt 87 (we’re just north of Albany)
Get off at exit #6-7 onto RT-7 EAST toward WATERVLIET/SCHENECTADY
Take ramp onto 6TH AVE – go 0.6 miles
Turn  on BROADWAY – go 0.1 miles
Turn  on 4TH ST[US-4] – go 0.2 miles
Arrive at 1 4TH ST, TROY, on the right. (Franklin Square Inn)

Brown’s brewing also has excellent directions on their site for driving there:

More resources:
Here is a map of our office as well as the Franklin Square Inn:
Here is a simple map of Rt7, Franklin Square Inn, and Browns Brewing (bar).
Here’s a close up map showing Franklink Square Inn and Brown Brewing (so easy you can’t get lost).
The office phone # is 518-270-0854


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