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Link Ninja’s to Retire and SEO PowWow to start.

Link Ninjas is going to end after our January training dates.

Link Ninjas didn’t stick with us, but keep reading to find out about the first annual SEO mini PowWow.

For those 10 people who were chosen for our free class on Jan 18th, I still guarantee that they will think this is 5 times better than any SEO conference they’ve attended to date. (or your money back…hehe).

Why do I think this? 
At a conference you get to listen to lots of people speak on lots of topics for ~15 minutes each.  I know what most of you are thinking when you attend those conferences, because I’ve been there myself, your attitude at these conferences tend to at some point turn to:

"Give me the dirt! Tell me something I didn’t know that will directly help my business because I paid thousands of dollars and want to take home some knowledge that will justify my cost of attending this conference." 

So for those lucky people who get our one day of classroom training from 4 bright people at We Build Pages, with special guest Aaron Wall – (all for free for 10 people (class limited to 10 companies), we’re still going to give those people the SEO show of their life. We’re going give these lucky 10 people a free pass to go deep into "What we think you should do to achieve high rankings on any site with a focus on "How to Get Links (and be under the radar)" They will get 1 or 2 hours of classroom training with each special guest Aaron (1 hour) as well as Justilien, Sean, Todd, and Me. We’re going right for the dirt information, no fluf, no sales…just great info for free so they can do the work themselves.

Then the doors are shuting down on the Link Ninjas training.


What’s next you ask? Well why not have a small SEO gathering?
The first annual SEO PowWow at night on Jan 18th or 19th (not sure which day yet). I’d love to chat and share a beer with you.

If you’re an SEO and want to come, let me know. Let’s see if an annual really small SEO gathering in upstate new york sticks.

Details on the First Annual SEO PowWow

CostFree – You pay for getting here, your own meals, the hotel, whatever, and there is no charge for this and we’re not going to plan much – we’re winging it. I don’t expect this to cost us anything except our own beers.
When – Night of Jan 17th or Night of Jan 18th….unless you really want a 2 nighter. (we work during the days).
Where, Troy NY – just north of Albany – 20 minutes from airport, hotel next door, bars within 3 minute walk.
Why? Drink at a bar and chat SEO might even make a few good connections. 
How many will be there? I don’t know. I’ll be there, I’ll be pushing the rest of my team to come. I’ll be bending Aarons arm to have a drink as well, since he’s in town as our special guest for our first and last link ninja training class.. I think I’d be lucky to get a few other SEO’s to come too, who knows.

Goal is to be small and free and fun. Come over for a beer. Can you make it?


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  1. Well, it’s not Buffalo, but you can’t have everything. I’ll be there, the Canadian dollar is strong right now so I guess I can afford some pissy American beer :).

    I notice you’ve got two sets of dates listed; 17-18th, and 18th-19th. Which where you thinking about? And where can we get some mo’ details on where it’s held, times, and hotels to stay at?

    Thanks Jim! Good idea; there’s little around but troy’s within driving distance of the populated area of Canada, which is nice.

  2. The bars seems cozier in the winter 😉 – There’s even some places to go skiing/snowboarding during the days here 😉

  3. Jim and Todd, no dice for me, I will be down in Barbados during that time frame )c:

    Have another one in Feb!

  4. I, too, feel honored to have a link ninjas t-shirt…I just won’t tell you what I had to do to get one, though.

    I’ll have to pass, unfortunately, as I just don’t think I’ll be able to leave this sunny 80 degree weather here in Texas for snow.

  5. i’d defenitely attend.

    I frequently snowboard at Hunter Mountain in the catskills.. So heading up a little farther north and doing some local snowboarding near Troy would be great.

    Is there a signup form?

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