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SES NYC Crazy Pictures – SESNYC2006

Sunday Night:

Kim Krause of Cre8pc and Cre8asite forums

Rand Fishkin (SEO Moz)

DaveNMatt Cutts…Darth Vadar and Obi-Wan?


Monday Morning

Barry Diller of IAC and Danny

Me and Barry Diller

Monday Night Party


Jango Fett, Jeeves frozen in carbonite, and Stormtroopers


Brian of BOTW and Chicks


Brett Tabke and Neuron


Ask chic and Chris Boggs


Jango Fett, Dave Carberry, and stormtroopers

Justilien, Brian, Tony, Amy

Lee Odden of Online Marketing Blog

Lee looks pretty happy here.

Frozen Jeeves

Me and AskGuy

Me, JenSense, Shoemoney

Tony Spencer (notsleepy)

Rand – and Party StormTrooper

I never knew I had a thing for Neon Red Hair until this party.


I think she’s pinching George Werty’s butt.

DaveN and me

Tuesday Night:
(starting w/me going clickwise), Tony Spencer (notSleepy), Todd Malicoat (stuntdubl), Ekky Ashgar, Dani Horowitz, ?, Morgan Carey (SEO Guy), Rob Langfeld (dclick), Jay

Nacho Hernandez

Adam, David Ogletree, me, Paul (PMAC)

Wed AM:

Bill Slawski, Andy Hagans, Barry Schwartz (standing), me, Nick Wilson, Jay

Andy Hagans, Rand Fishkin, Nick Wilson

Wed Night:

Tony Wright of Kinetic Results

Morgan (SEO Guy), Botw Guy & Neuron

Aaron Wall – he could use a fashion designer.

What a Motley Crue!
Tony Wright, Chris Boggs, George, Greg Boser, Greg BOTW, Neuron

Anyone else have pictures posted?



20 Responses

  1. I need to talk to Aaron and a few others about getting on the excersize bike, all it takes is a few minutes a day. We all tend to forget that our bodies motor the keyboard clicks. 😉

    Got a few new interviews you might be interested in checking out next week.

  2. Those are great pics – this week has really drummed into me how important it is for me to make the effort to get to NY and CA next year. I *will* have a passport ready for then. 🙂

  3. Eh. We all look much better in person. My excuse is I’m packing a helluva set of bongos up top – something not many of the MEN in SEO can lay claim to, heh 🙂

    Jim, it was GREAT meeting and talking with you.

  4. great pics jim – especially the one of you and diller. as always, we had a blast hanging out with you.

    i just posted a bunch of pics at the botw blog.

    more than a handful on my laptop only – not for public consumption 😉

  5. Sweet photos for those not able to attend.

    LOL @ bongos…Nothing wrong with fun bags here – the bigger the better. Junk in the trunk is a whole other matter.

  6. I was wondering when you were going to post those pics Jim! Nice photo with Barry Diller!

    Aaron – yeah, you’re right. Now if can just find that NordicTrack under all those coats…

  7. Lee – I would have enjoyed meeting you and others, maybe next time, thank to you all for updating your blogs, it’s almost like being there. You got a NordicTrack? Those are hot items on eBay. Nope a regular excersize bike here, I picked up on the side of the road on dump day, 30 minutes max a day while listening to webmaster radio, done!

    Kim – Bongos are hot man boobs are not! 😮

  8. Aaron, Maybe you can make it to Pubcon in Boston in April.

    That’s a pretty good talent you have there, using bongos and boobs in the same sentence.

  9. “can’t remember name (sorry), David Ogletree, me, Paul (PMAC)”

    Jim, I think you introduced yourself to me more then anyone at the bar in one night!

    Cheers bro!

  10. Adam, fixed it…sorry man…you caught me at my peak of drinking! Maybe sometime we’ll chat again when I’ve got less booze in my system ;)….and yea…I think I remember introducing myself to you at least 3 times in about 20 minutes…hehe

  11. Jimmy, it was great partying with you as always. I can’t believe how you somehow always manage to get a picture of me absolutely wasted ~ hehe
    See you soon my friend
    SEO Guy

  12. I totally was getting goosed by the one girl. The red jeeves girls were great company. It was nice seeing you in NYC Jim, see you in Boston…more drunken photos to follow 🙂

  13. Man,

    What a great time it must be to get drunk and talk shop! Makes me wish I was there.

    Aaron’s comment “We all tend to forget that our bodies motor the keyboard clicks.”

    That had me cracking up. Then it had me running to my elliptical.

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