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Tons of sites going “Supplemental Results”.

Don’t really see anyone chatting about it….not sure why…. but tons of sites have gone Supplemental in Google…all pages except the homepages.

Is this a BigDaddy Fluke? Anyone with ideas?

**update..found thread on webmasterworld discussing.


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  1. >>Is this a BigDaddy Fluke?
    I think so… As in January 4, Matt Cutts guessed the transition length for 1-2 months… It’s time now.

  2. Hello,

    I am glad you bought this up.

    Yes it is happening. Google has a defect and does not know it yet or knows it and will not admit it.

    I see many high quality sites with good content just being wiped out.

    Tom Forrest

  3. Well, I am another one that is very glad to see that this is being discussed now…. At first, I really thought I had done somethign wrong, but it’s growing rapidly and affecting many people and it doesn’t seem to be related to anything in particular that I can spot..

    All different sites, different themes, and ages.

  4. Hello. I know there hasn’t been much discussion about the Supplemental Results. I read GoogleGuy’s post and sent an email to the email in his post, but I received a reply stating, “We’re sorry, but this mailbox has been retired and is no longer actively monitored.”

    Several weeks ago, I had discovered that my website ( has 2,349 supplemental results and one actual result (the home page). I waited to see if the problem had been corrected, but it has not.

    Does anyone know where I can get information on fixing this? Of course, I can’t write to Google Support because I only receive generic replies.


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