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GoogleGuy on Supplemental Result Problem.

I know it’s only been 3 days since I last posted on "Tons of sites going “Supplemental Results"- but I should post an update.

GoogleGuy has posted a few times in Webmasterworld in the thread called "Supplemental club- Big Daddy coming"

GoogleGuy jump in at message #160 with:

I’m happy to ask someone to check this out. Please send an email to sesnyc06 [at] with specific domains and the keyword "gonesupplemental". I have a theory about this, which I’m asking the crawl/index guys to check out, but I’ll need 5-10 specific examples to check if my theory holds. If my guess is right, I’ll try to get the crawl/index folks to get things back to the previous behavior.

Then Google Guys Jumps in again at Message #195 with:

Based on the specifics everyone has sent (thank you, by the way), I’m pretty sure what the issue is. I’ll check with the crawl/indexing team to be sure though. Folks don’t need to send any more emails unless they really want to. It may take a week or so to sort this out and be sure, but I do expect these pages to come back to the main index.

This sounds like good news!


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  2. I think Dayo_UK pretty much summed it up with his post at WMW:

    “The question that people should be asking themselves is why Google are now not listing there pages in the normal crawl as theses have disappeared rather than the pages going supplimental (as a supplimental copy was probably already there)”

    I first wondered if there was some drastic tweak in the dup content filter algo that turned all freshly cached pages into supplementals. Now I don’t believe that’s the case.

  3. While that’s definitely a pertinent question, it can be (grudgingly) answered with words like “tweak” or “glitch”. I agree with you though, because pages both old & new went into the supplementals–*entire sites* (except homepages & occasionally sitemaps) went into the supplementals.

    There is another material point that has taken up several pages on the WMW thread, regarding many of the pages that went supplemental and the fact that quite a few of them were ranking very well before this entire debacle took place: When the pages come back, is there any hope that the original rankings will come back with them? Most tend to believe that there’s just no way that the rankings can be regained, unfortunately. This Google “glitch” has come at the expense of some & to the benefit of others.

    Shame on Google for making a mistake. How dare they.

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