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Jill’s the Queen of SEO and High Ranking Seminar.

Jill Whalen, the SEO Queen, will be running a Search Marketing Seminar at the end of the month in the San Francisco area.

Why do I call Jill the SEO Queen you ask?

I’ve been reading Jills newsletters for years. She started Rank Write Roundtable with Heather Lloyd-Martin, back in June 2000, and then in 2002 she split off with her own newsletter – The High Rankings Advisor newsletter (see archive).

I remember when Jill moved on from ihelpyou forum and started her own High Rankings Forum in July of 2003.  And with a forum topic called "SEO No-No’s" you were sure to just be on the sane side of "white hat preaching" (Doug being "insane white".).

Today when I clicked "Todays most popular posters" I see Jill has already commented 26 times this morning…and it’s only 10:00am in the morning for her!….yea, ya know how women love to gab…hehe…I also see that there’s 126 usersonline at 10:00 am EST…not bad for and "off time"! It looks like the forum has been a major success as well!

Jill is also the author of The Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines ($49). As well as she’s been an industry conference speaker at the SES conferences.

In 2002 I won a drawing that Jill was giving in her newsletter for a Free SES San Jose pass. That was a dream trip for me. I met Jill, Bruce, Larry, Sergey, Matt (in the days before he was mobbed), and several more people whom I highly looked up to. At that conference I sat front row center with my notepad in hand, and thought – Someday I want to be a speaker – that’s my goal. (achieved!).

Jills site at has also held some killer rankings over the years.  Yea, I think she’s the Queen of SEO.

Ah yes… here’s the News….Jill and High Rankings are having a Search Marketing Seminar at the end of the month in the San Francisco area.

Reports are that the speakers will be:
Jill Whalen, Scottie Claiborne, Karon Thackston, Christine Churchill, Matt Bailey and Diane Aull.

I’ve met and read some great works by Scottie, and Christine has been a friend for years.  Christine has written some fabulious articles as well (and from NetMechanic days) and runs Key Relevance among other SEO Projects.

Jill was nice eneough to offer my readers 25% off if you use the discount code of BOYKIN

Here’s the who, what, where and when:

The High RankingsR Search Engine Marketing Seminar
Thursday March 30 and Friday March 31, 2006
The Holiday Inn Walnut Creek, CA
Registration before March 15th is $1195.
After March 15th, it is $1395

The agenda and registration can be found here:


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Jim!

    You’ve come a long way since that first conference in San Jose. I do remember you telling me at the Google Dance that one day you wanted to speak at SES too. I am not surprised you managed to do it!

    Looking forward to meeting some fans in the Bay area at the end of the month!

  2. I’d love to meet you all there! Know of any chances to win free tickets for this session?… 😉

  3. Sorry, Tanya, no freebies for this one. We’re just a small outfit with personal attention paid to each attendee, and can’t really afford to give out free passes.

    We do have the 25% discount from this blog though!

  4. I made a buget for this one, but got denied by the ones who hold the funds!
    I look forward to working with you all soon 🙂

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