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I’ve been to many SEO conferences over the past several years. The first one I attended was in Aug of 2002 (thanks to a free pass from Jill Whalen). I sat in the front row center for each panel. That’s where I met Matt Cutts for the first time. Matt even got Larry and Sergy’s autograph for me and even took pictures of me with them. Here is where I first met the SEO Gods (Jill, Danny, Bruce, etc) for the first time and got to listen to them speak. The next conference I attended I was a bit disappointed as the presentations by most people were almost all the same as I had seen the first time…the sad thing is some people I think are still using the same powerpoint presentation that they were using in 2002, even today.

Each subsequent conference got a little less exciting for me…at least when it came to attending panels. Either I had seen the presentations before, or the 10 minutes presenters get to speak was eneough to give me the 101 on the topic…but not eneough to get the gold information I was seeking.

Sure, the nightlife is a different story…that’s always been exciting…but even then, trying to have a long conversation with well known SEO’s is still pretty hard to do. I’d often came home from conferences thinking "Why am I spending so much money to listen to a bunch of people give a 10 minute overview of a topic?"

In 2007 I came up with a solution: Get a bunch of top level Internet Marketing Experts to talk about their specialties in-depth. Thus the idea for Internet Marketing Ninjas was born.

I was able to get Aaron Wall, Andy Beal, Bill Slawski, Jim Gilbert, Cameron Olthuis, Neil Patel, Shoemoney, Jill Whalen, Christine Churchill, Lee Odeen, and Stuntdubl, and myself, to create training videos for this program. I’ve also decided that most of the We Build Pages Tools should no longer be public, but should be included in the internet marketing ninja program as a free add-on to the program. I also put in a bunch of our private SEO tools into the program as well.

The price is $2995/year. To me, the video training is well worth that investment, as well as the tools are well worth the investment, so together I think it’s a pretty good deal. Yea, many won’t be able to afford the cost, but that will keep the program a bit exclusive.

We’re also planning on adding a bunch of new video during 2008 by other influential internet marketing minds (we’ve already got 10 out of the top 40 most influential SEO’s in search). We’re also working on saving tool reports in each person’s control panel, as well as adding other cool features to the program, as well as we’ve got some more tools in the pipeline.

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