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SES in Chicago December 5th-8th. SEO Tools, Tagging – Wikipedia, and Links.

Search Engine Strategies is right around the corner!

So on the heals of Vegas, we’ve got Search Engine Strategies in Chicago coming on December 5th – 8th in Sunny warm Chicago…haha, yea more like cold and windy Chicago!

Danny’s been asked a lot why they do chicago in december, and once he replied:

Yes, I’ve suggested trying to rework the US shows at least to put events in more season-friendly order. However, Jupiter’s wanted to stick with what’s been done because it has worked and because it feels people have gotten use to certain events being in certain places at certain times.

I’ve heard him joke about having it in Death Valley, but he might not know that Death Valley in December is really Awesome 😉

Maybe now that Jupiter no longer owns SES, maybe we’ll change that, eh Danny?

I’ll be speaking 3 on 3 panels: "SEM Via Communities, Wikipedia & Tagging", "My SEM Toolbox", and "Buying and Selling Links".

SEM Via Communities, Wikipedia & Tagging will be a bit challenging, but I should have some good info to present about these new and exciting marketing techinques that are hot today, and only getting hotter. It’ll just be Jeff Watts from National Instruments and I presenting, with Gary Price (the Search Engine Watch News Editor) moderating (whom I hear knows tons on Wikipedia as well).

SEM ToolsI did at the last SES show, but my tools for this presentation have mostly changed (catch the show to see what tools I’m using – yea, I’ve got more than our own tools that I use). I’m on with Paul J. Bruemmer from Bruce Clay, Bill Hartzer of MarketNet, Ken Jurina from Epiar,and Todd Malicoat my fellow team member.

Buying and Selling Links – I’m totally honored to be on this one, and I couldn’t ask for a greater group of guys to be on a panel with. This panel includes: THE Eric Ward (whom was on the link building panel with me at WW),  Thomas Bindl of OPTOP, Greg Boser (WebGuerrilla) (A legend himself and recent blogger – a man who speaks his mind and knows his shit),  as well as MR. Text Link Ads – my ole buddy, Patrick Gavin.

I’ve been wanting to speak on "links" as SES for years and this time I snuck in since Debra Mastaler, from Alliance-Link (one of the worlds best Link Gurus) couldn’t make it and recommended that I fill in for her. (Thanks Debra! and Thank Danny!)

If you haven’t signed up to go yet, Go here to get all the info on Search Engine Strategies December 5th – 8th. If you’re coming be sure to say "Hi" to me and tell Danny you want to have the conferences in National Parks from now on.

Have you gone to SES before and are you going to this one in Chicago?


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