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Strangest “lead” this year – WTF

I just got the strangest "proposal" I think I’ve gotten this year. Looks like some form of "My rich uncle Abdul died and we need to get 50 million worth of gold bars into the US scam thing….but they’re trying to get you to join an affiliate program….really strange! Check it out.

You’re my last chance

Dear (Jim or Todd),
My name is (XXXXXXX). My phone # is xxx-xxx-xxxx and my email address is [email protected]

I’m in real trouble and I beg you to listen.

My family is being kicked out of our house because I lost my job and I can’t afford it anymore.
Their demand is simple: "Make $1,000 in the next 48 hours."

This is not a joke – please help me.
I’ve never sold anything online and have no experience at doing this…While I don’t know the Internet, I do know people and realize that you may be willing to offer your assistance if I can find a way to help you.

I received some advice from a friend who showed me how to earn commissions by joining an affiliate program. I found a product that will pay me up to $119.10 for each sale.
If I can sell nine of them in 48 hours, my family will not be harmed.

In my research, I discovered that you are well respected and have a loyal following.
I’m sure that if you announce this product to your list, you could make a ton of sales quickly.
In exchange for doing this, I will gladly pay you back 100% of the profits returned…

Sounds funny, right!?

Actually, Website Wizard has a two-tier affiliate program that allows you to get paid $119.10 for each sale
and they will pay me a bonus of $39.70 for each sale you produce if you sign up for the free affiliate program here: Http://  I’m confident that if you and a few other people help me get the word out about this great product, I’ll earn enough in the next 48 hours to save my family.

Please do not dismiss this as a joke. Again my name is XXX XXXXX. My phone # is xxx-xxx-xxxx and my email address is [email protected] . I truly need your help and my family’s life depends on it.

This is the *best* idea I could come up with considering the pressure I’m under and my lack of experience on the Internet.

I am telling the honest truth and I pray from the bottom of my heart that you can hear that…
If calling me helps you decide, please do that, or I will be happy to call you!

With respect and appreciation in advance,

I only have until 11/25/2005 at 12:00 am to reach this goal. Your *urgent* assistance is deeply ppreciated! P.S.(Just think of it has joint venture.)

I think I’ll just file this away in my "what the fuck is this" file.

 Anyone else get this email?  Anyone want to help this guy?


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