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Google’s BigDaddy Datacenter.

I’m sure most of you have heard the news about Google’s BigDaddy Datacenter. The BigDaddy is Google’s next “dance datacenter” that they’ve been working on. When it’s live, it will be the “BigDaddy Google Dance”. Matt said on Jan 4th that it’ll go live in a month or 2. As Matt said:

… I do expect Bigdaddy to become the default source of web results. The length of the transition will depend on lots of different issues. Right now I’m guessing 1-2 months, but if I find out more specifics I’ll let you know.

What this says is that this update should be as no suprise to anyone. You should get a glimpse of your ranking today, for what will be BigDaddy tomorrow.


Are you Up or Down with Bigdaddy? What methods have you been using?


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  1. So far I’m loving the results of my BigDaddy tests. My sites are doing better than ever, thanks in part to your company’s efforts, Jim. I’m also very happy to see that one of my domains that was subject to a ban for several years has been reincluded and is back in the main index in BigDaddy, and it’s doing well indeed. Go BigDaddy!

  2. Right now it looks like we’re going to be seriously hurt by BigDaddy, unless upcoming site revisions make up some ground. On most of our keywords, the BD datacenter has us down at least 2-4 positions.

    This could be due to the fact that most of our content is in the form of bulleted lists. We’re long overdue for an overhaul anyways, so maybe this will be the excuse we need to get it done quicker.

    Anyone have any idea what factors are gaining (or losing) importance with BigDaddy? (ie, any sites with questionable things going on that’s really hurt by BD?)

  3. I think the Bigdaddy data center has two great importance. First, to the owners of sites. If we have, for example, inbounds links to and, we will loss traffic and rank if Google canonilizes

    On the other hand, if you choice, for example, as your official URL and redirects the others URLs to it and, at same time, use ONLY it in internal navigation and ask to new links point to it, the performance of your site will be better.

    Second, the change will be good for Google because it will store only one URL for your home page (and other ones), not two, three, four, etc.

    Can somebody help me to redirect 301 on IE? I have tried many, many changes either in Apache (1.3.33 with Webmin installed) as in .htaccess files, and both at same time. It shows the chosen URL ( with the PR4, and the others as PR0, that means the redirect is not occurring. On the other hand, the redirect function fine on Netscape; any type URL of home page is converted to In addition, the tests I did with some other sites found on Internet function fine either on IE as in Netscape. Even in Netscape, the internal pages as for example,, are not convert to URL with www. (

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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