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Cat post – Baby Teething – little sleep

My poor little Sammer Man (14 months old) is cutting his 3rd and 4th teeth. The past 2 days he’s been miserable with little sleep (little sleep for mom and dad too).

Anyone with ideas on how to make a teething baby less miserable?


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  1. hmmm…. I really feel for you. We used to say, “When Benjamin cuts a tooth, we ALL cut a tooth!” Consider it a rite of passage, for everyone involved.

  2. Like webprofessor. My mum swears that putting some vodka on finger, and using that finger to wipe around the gums worked very well on both of us kids.

  3. You have to build links to the deep teeth – don’t just target the incissors. Vary the anchor text so you’ve got links with “no pain”, “low pain”, “feeling better” and “sleeping through the night.” The authority links in the sector are tough to get, so you’ll want to..

    Oh God… I need to think about something else.

  4. Rand, I think you’re on to something there.

    I keep trying to distract him with movies or feed him booze, but you’re right, I gotta stop trying to game this and get to work on making his mouth a great resource of teeth.

  5. This is Sammer’s mom. Great ideas, if this goes on much longer – may try the booze and make it a double for me! By the way its not 3rd and 4th teeth…. It’s 5th, 6th, 7th, and maybe even 8th……….ALL AT ONCE! Sammy’s aunt ssays orajel on a toothbrush. Any more ideas are welcome!!!

  6. Well, I could find better things to do…………………….
    but, you are sitting at the computer……………………..,

  7. Do you have Calpol over there? It’s a mild paracetamol suspension for infants, and been a staple part of our kid’s upbringing here in the UK.

    Whatever method you use, my recommendation is to stick to it – when my kids aren’t sleeping well, the mental comfort of being given Calpol medicine seems to be powerful medication in itself.

  8. I used to make popsickle (sp?) out of apple juice for my son and gently massage his gum with liquid motrin (a tiny tiny bit).
    good luck with that…we’ll talk again when the teen years start. That is tough!

  9. I recommend a frozen yogurt stick for the babe, and Crown Royal – make it a double – for the parents.

  10. yogurt stick sounds great – i heard that from someone else yesterday and forgot to buy them at the store – oops! – thanks for all the great ideas – the booze sounds great too! (for us, i mean)

  11. Baby Paracetamol.
    Also you can get a sort of pre-toothbrush over here (Australia) which fits over the finger (rather like a soft version of those old-school money counting rubber thimbles) which we massage Alex’ (11 Months) gums with daily.

    We’ve also got several solid (not water filled) soft chew toys that we can chill in the fridge & give him – usually we put one in he cot with him so he can chew it if he wants to.

    Had two come through over Christmas without a single sleepless night.

    We try to limit his drug intake as much as possible but the odd dose of Paracetomol once or twice a month isn’t going to hurt.

  12. don’t try the anbesol or orajel, they actually lost the ability to spit (i.e. if they are spitting up) when laying down and can choke because it numbs the throat. my sons pediatrician recommended tylenol every 4 hours and it works, most of the time I just give it to him right before bed and he sleeps for 8 hours, although unfortunately it doesen’t work all the time, it is the safest route.

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