28 Feb 2006

SES NYC 2006 – It’s all about networking.

Greetings from SES NYC 2006.

Wow! It’s 12:59 am, and I’m back at the room, feeling….well…..feeling pretty good!.

This morning I listened to Barry Diller’s keynote, and after his talk, I got my picture with him.

Tonight was the Ask.com party and Wow!……I had some great chats with Lee Odden of toprankings, Pierre from SubmitExpress.com, Brett from Webmasterworld, Neuron, the BOTW guys, Rand of SEOMoz, DaveN, Trueman from Infosearch, Bruce Clay, Dave Carbery from Advertising.com, Chris Boggs, WertyTony Spencer, Jenn, ShoeMoney, my other managers at webuildpages, and several more I’m forgetting in my current state.

Online chatting is great….but in person….I tell ya, can be some much more personal.

Last night I met Kim Krause, and saw Mike Grehan, Greg Boser, Oilman, Rand, Christine Churchill, Matt Cutts, and had some nice chats with Aaron and several others as well.

If you’re an internet marketing geek like I am, this is one kick ass place to be right now. Today was great.

I’ve got some great pictures, but my computer can’t read my camers, so I’ll have all those in a few days when I get back.




  1. wheel February 28, 2006 at 9:29 AM

    See you there tomorrow Jim! We’re having a meeting of the much-maligned secretseo society on Wednesday evening :).

  2. » Ask.com Code Red Stormtroopers Online Marketing Blog February 28, 2006 at 10:40 AM

    […] I’d like to say thank you to the people who have somehow recognized me and came up to say hi. It’s great to meet people in person and to get feedback. Jim has some good thoughts about the fun of networking at SES events. […]

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