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Question: Affiliate Program for selling a pdf?

I have a client who sells 1 pdf on his site (it’s his only product).

He has an affiliate program where we’re also an affiliate (and there’s only a few affiliates).

His affiliate program is through clickbank, but we’re not happy with the reporting that clickbank gives.

What affiliate program would you recommend for being able to track good stats from your affiliate effort if you were only selling a pdf?

FYI, our commission is set at 50% of the sale of the pdf.


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  1. Hi,

    For selling 1 product or just a few products then i can heartily recommend using

    We use it on our affiliate business plans site and it works really well.

    It’s easy to integrate with various merchants – although we did have some problems testing – as the tests weren’t coming through because of using the same IP address to order from as the affiliate sign up – they didn’t tell us about that one!

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