27 Feb 2007

Clients investing more in We Build Pages and I’m Happy!

I’m on a high, wanna know why?

Many of our existing clients have been increasing their monthly budgets…today alone we had 3 clients invest a lot more in our services than they had been investing. Here’s some additional that’s coming in for us from just a few days here:

  • Yesterday once client increased his budget by a very large amount.
  • This morning one client doubled thier monthly budget.
  • And this afternoon another client doubled their monthly spend.
  • I just got off the phone with another who is trippling their budget for one month, then doubling.
  • Tomorrow I’ve got an all day meeting with another client who, if all goes well, will also be doubling his budget.
  • Monday I’ve got another meeting with a client who might also be majorlly increasing thier monthly spend.

Please don’t think I’m bragging…though I have had a skip in my walk the past few days. I am happy, and I hope you don’t mind my sharing.

All these clients have been clients for between ~10 months to 4 years.

  • One of these site has totally dominated his keyword industry for about 2 years now. Over the past year they’ve grown from 8 to 25 employees. They are a 100% online shop.
  • Another of these sites is from a extremly knowledgable SEO….he’s awesome. He understand what we do, he can do it himself, but he just doesn’t have time. He’s now giving us more sites to work with. He’s a Ninja himself.
  • Another one of these guys also dominates his industry and have just given us another site to work with.
  • One client is a very old client with so-so rankings…they once dominated (Pre Florida), and are going from a tiny budget to a small budget (but I think I can get them back with this added budget…not too competitive market).
  • Another of these clients also dominates thier industry. Their biggest competitor has tried to sign us on but we’re won’t work with competitors. This client has some really good SEO’s on staff who also work at the art of link building.
  • Another client has several phrases in the top 5, but really needs more time ($) invested to crack the #1’s.

I think a large part of this success has been a mixture of increasing their rankings (which drives an increase in their ROI), as well as really good reporting and client communication from us to them. Most of these clients have been telling me that they love the reporting and new communication methods that they’re getting from us, in addition to the nice rankings.

We have 4 link building teams here. Each team has 4 link ninjas and one designer.  Clients are assigned to a team and they also communicate with the team leaders and have conference calls with the teams.  Each month we update the client reports as well.

I’ve got a sample monthly link building client report….it’s a bit dated (they’ve improved since Oct 06), but you can see we do more than just build links, we analyze several aspects of their website and backlinks and we provide a lot of solutions.

We’re also honest about what we’ve been doing with their time, as well as what ads we’ve been able to achieve for the client. I personally don’t know any other competitor who’s services are so transparent. 

And the nicest thing is that everything we’ve been building over the last year here has come together so nicely….personally I’m having a great time ….clients are happy, employees are happy, and I’ve never felt better…Man, I’m really feeling lucky!