13 Mar 2007

SES NYC 2007 – Are you Going?

We had our second son Nate on Oct 29th and I told my wife I wouldn’t travel the 3 months before or the 3 months after…but now the busy traveling season is about to come my way.

Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting with the Internet Marketers of New York.

The last week of March I’ll be going to Arizona to do some training, then in April it’s SES NYC 2007.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be presenting this year in NYC. There’s no more "My SEM Toolbox" panel and I wasn’t asked to speak on any of the link building panels. Perhaps some of my past performances haven’t been too hot at SES’s and that’s why they didn’t invite me…..and from that I’ve learned never to offer to speak on panels I know little about – I’d like to stick to the topic of tools, links, or running a SEO business.

Though some of my past performances at SES haven’t been spectular,  I’ve been speaking at Webmasterworld on "Link Building campaigns" for a few years now. The last time I spoke I got some nice reviews:

SEODisco Pubcon Feedback
Peter Davis – Thanks Jim Boykin
Mike Grehan – Webmasterworld wrap up. 

Guess I’m in NYC to see my friends….at least I can hang out late and I wont have to worry about getting up at 8am any morning. I think there’s also still a few more pictures that I need for my collection.

Are you going to SES NYC 2007?