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SES NYC 2007 – Are you Going?

We had our second son Nate on Oct 29th and I told my wife I wouldn’t travel the 3 months before or the 3 months after…but now the busy traveling season is about to come my way.

Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting with the Internet Marketers of New York.

The last week of March I’ll be going to Arizona to do some training, then in April it’s SES NYC 2007.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be presenting this year in NYC. There’s no more "My SEM Toolbox" panel and I wasn’t asked to speak on any of the link building panels. Perhaps some of my past performances haven’t been too hot at SES’s and that’s why they didn’t invite me…..and from that I’ve learned never to offer to speak on panels I know little about – I’d like to stick to the topic of tools, links, or running a SEO business.

Though some of my past performances at SES haven’t been spectular,  I’ve been speaking at Webmasterworld on "Link Building campaigns" for a few years now. The last time I spoke I got some nice reviews:

SEODisco Pubcon Feedback
Peter Davis – Thanks Jim Boykin
Mike Grehan – Webmasterworld wrap up. 

Guess I’m in NYC to see my friends….at least I can hang out late and I wont have to worry about getting up at 8am any morning. I think there’s also still a few more pictures that I need for my collection.

Are you going to SES NYC 2007?


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  1. I’m going to find out in about 10 minutes 🙂 Looks like my company is going to be sending 5-6 people this time, as opposed to the regular ‘just me’.

  2. I’ll be there, and I’m pretty pumped. Too bad you wont be speaking, Jim. This is only my second conference, but I’ve been waiting to hear you speak ever since I entered the industry a year ago. Maybe you’ll speak at PubCon in November.

  3. Can’t make this one for the same reason you mention…. daughter born February 22nd. 🙂

    Maybe next time.

    But, if you’re ever in the Boston area, give me a shout, I’d love to treat you to lunch/dinner/drinks.

  4. Hey Jim! Glad to hear that you are not speaking at SES-NY… because I won’t be there. 😛

    I’m sure we’ll cross paths at another conference, though!

  5. You’re a great speaker, Jim, and I’m sure we’ll see you at a future show. I just can’t always repeat the same sessions, and the toolbox one took a break. I also had existing speakers on the link building panels, so I tend to let them return rather than give them the boot, if they’ve been doing a good job (they have).

  6. Jim,

    I’ll be there — please stop by our booth (SureHits) if you get a chance to say hello. I’ll be presenting Monday afternoon, too, hope to see you there.

  7. My SES panels aren’t happening in NY either, Jim, but I’ll still be there. It’ll be a pleasure to meet you – hope we get a chance.

  8. I am an SES virgin and can’t wait – traveling from Sydney, Australia to take part!!

  9. Can’t most of what is done at these things (except for going to restaurants and bars) be done on line?
    IMHO, I think most people use these as an excuse to get out of the house a few days.
    Why spend money on travel and hotels, when you can read whatever any garrulous guru, pablum puking pundit, nattering neighbob of negativity or sanctimonious sensei has to say in any of the SEO/SEM blogs and forums? Save the money, and put it towards buying bloggers. ; )

  10. Ray,
    I see your point, but there’s no better way to bond than to meet people in person.

    It’s more than “learning”; it’s building bonds and making friends and meeting new people.

  11. I’ll be there for my first SES show. Looking to meet all the SEO/SEM celebs I’ve been reading their blogs over the last 2 years.

  12. Well, we decided to send others to SES-NY, but if you’re going to SMX in June I’ll try to look you up there Jim (…and I did hear you speak @ SES-Chicago ’05, you did a fine job, lots of good data/tools)

  13. Jim,

    I’ll be there and I’m looking forward to tipping the glass with you as in past shows. Luckily, my panel is still on so I will be speaking, but not until the last day. So I’ll have some time for “networking”

  14. I’ll be going. Not sure which days yet, but since I work in NYC it’d be a shame to not be there for at least one day. I hope everyone writes their name clearly on their name tags 🙂

  15. This will be my first conference as well. I’m very interested to do some networking and mega amounts of learning with industry people!

    The CEO of our company, Janet Driscoll Miller, Search Mojo, Inc., was invited to speak this year so that’s pretty neat.

    I look forward seeing everyone there!

  16. Jim,

    I’ve been reading your material for a while and look forward to an opportunity to meet in person, as well as meet a lot of other talented individuals I read online. Safe travels on the way to the city!


  17. Jim,

    I’m coming down from Boston tomorrow, and I would love to speak to you.

    I’ll be one of the biggest guys there, running around drinking with black hats.


  18. Hey Peter. I just signed up to meet up with you guys last week. I’m more on the North shore but I’d love to come down and network with some fellow SEO’s.

    I’ll be at SES NYC also and hope to hook up with Bostonians too. I’ll be the one wearing a Redsox hat and game jersey walking around in new york.

  19. Hey Bob, I’ve been working on getting Boston area SEOs together on a monthly basis. How about joining us next time you’re available?

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