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Pay Yahoo to remove your title tag??

Hello Yahoo! Why can’t you change this?

When filling out the form for submitting your site to the Yahoo, it is required that: (according to this page)

    "If your site is commercial, the title submitted must be the company name. Any request to change a business name to something other than its actual name will not be accepted. "

    So if my company name is "Bob Jones Inc." then there is no debate about what my Title will be.

    I can understand (maybe) if this was how you show names in a DIRECTORY LISTING (as in a phone book, since you know you’re in the correct Category when you’re digging down).

    BUT, I can’t understand why I’d pay you $299 to take away my coded title tag of what might be "Bob Jones Sells Gas Grills and Cooking Supplies – Free Shipping" and replace it with "Bob Jones Inc." in a SEARCH RESULT PAGE.

    Beween the 2 choices "Bob Jones, Inc" and "Bob Jones Sells Gas Grills and Cooking Supplies", guess which listing will get more traffic? – you guessed it, the one who didn’t pay Yahoo’s $299 to fu*k up their title tag. (I’m willing to bet most people just glance at the Link Text, and don’t read descriptions).

    It’s great if you’re company name is "Gas Grills and Cooking Supplies", but most real companies don’t name thier business "keyword keyword".

    I would like to submit sites, if I thought it would help me….and I’ve not doubt it would help my rankings in at least Yahoo, and it would prob help in Google and MSN to boot (old authority link), but at the cost of loosing your title tag?

    and – Hey Google, stop experimenting with showing DMOZ Descriptions – that’s just as bad!


    In a search for "Search Engine Optimization" I see a few sites in the top 15 which get to use their title tags instead of thier directory listings…how are they able to do that??


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