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Scraping Whole Pages is not Cool.

I shouldn’t be one to throw stones in glass houses.
I guilty of experimenting with lots of methods of trying to get traffic to websites – some methods have been blacker than others, so I’m in no way saying I’m "Mr. Clean".

I am however going to toss a small stone to those who steal content (like whole pages of it).

Each week I get an email from copyscape showing me the pages it’s found on the internet which have taken content from the site. I then send emails to those in the US, and ask them to remove my content. I’ve given up trying to write to those in far off countries, where I know they don’t give a damn.

Often it’s scraper sites with good ole Adsense on the top. (Where’s the review??)

I found some great Content Stealing Spam today, not with the help of CopyScape, but with the help of Google’s new "Blog Search" Running a search for "Jim Boykin" found some good pages, as well as some nice Google adsense scraper spam. 

Here’s a great site I found #6 in a search for my name: m (copy and remove the space in the ".com") They Stole a bunch of pages (entire content of those pages, including one of my internal pages, and did some slight modifications on it (which makes the page look like shit) tossed a few other pages content on their pages. and Crammed in Google Adsense into the top – 4 times none the less (you’re only allowed 3).

The page is interesting, there’s no google cache, but it’s #6 in a Google blog search for Jim Boykin

and, of course, Yahoo’s eating these pages up….yum…yahoo eats up Google Adsense Spam.

I Blame Yahoo and Google. Google for paying them, and Yahoo for being not smart enough to be able to remove them.

Why do I do i bitch about this form of "gaming the search engines?" It’s because I know that search engines don’t always get the right page when they find duplicate pages on the interent. It’s the reason I check Copyscape Weekly and write to content stealers.  It’s one thing to "game" but another to steal one mans content and risk hurting that site (if google guesses wrong – which they’ve been known to do, the site they stole from could get fuc$#d).

Game if you may. We all do to some extent…but please don’t take whole pages.

Ok…I threw a stone…I’ll try not to do that too often (but I know I’ve got 1 more coming for Yahoo).


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  1. Hello Jim. I heard you speak at WW-NO and was very impressed. Today I noticed (on Aaron Wall’s blog) that you have a blog, and decided to take a peak at yours.

    Question regarding scraper sites. While I don’t know much of the topic, I notice that the scrapers are increasing my backlink count and IP diversity. I know it’s bad for the content owner, but is this a good thing for me? Do links from scraper sites add any type of value to my site?

    Thank you!

  2. The scraper pages might be increasing your backlinks showing in Yahoo…but most of those pages you’ll see are not cached in google….might help in Yahoo today (but prob not tomorrow), and doesn’t help in Google if there’s no cache of the page.

    If there’s a google cache of a scraper page does that help?
    Maybe for a bit, but quickly you’ll see the page either “Supplemental’d” or non cached. Google’s pretty good at throwing out most of the bath water (and sometimes the baby).

    Does it help, no. Does it hurt, usually not….it just won’t “count”.
    Any site with any rankings will get a few “freeby” scraper links each month…they come, they go.

    Best case scenario – you get a few new links until they’re filtered out of the equasion.
    Worst case scenario, they scrape a bunch of content from you, and you’re baby (your page) gets thrown out with the bath water.

  3. Hey Jim. Funny, I noticed the same thing using Google Blog this morning. I found two sites that have copied almost my entire site. Nice job on your blog BTW.


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