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Hiring: Internet Marketing Jobs -Seeking Future Link Guru’s

Work for We Build Pages and become a Link Guru! Internet Marketing Jobs.

We’re hiring more people to help us to find more relevant link advertising. We normally just advertise for these internet marketing jobs locally, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to advertise here, in case someone wanted to move to our office in Troy NY, USA to work with us.

I’ll let you know that the pay is "little" to start. If you can prove yourself, you will be rewarded. I want someone who is not doing this for the "pay" but for the experience and the knowledge that this job will bring.

Below is our current ad, which I’ve translated for those reading my blog.

Job: Marketing Assistant
Location: Troy
Status: Full Time (in office) – Entry Level
Benefits: Company paid vacation, holidays and medical after 8 months.
Jim’s translation: You must work here, in our offices in Troy NY. This job will fill fast, if not through here, than locally. We will not pay any relocation costs. I want someone who is willing to do this for the experience and the knowledge of working with us, not for the big $.

The Marketing Assistant serves as the liaison for clients and internal groups within We Build Pages including Sales, Accounting, and Web Design. Your responsibility will be to identify, negotiate and manage relationships with partners and website owners.

Jim’s translation: You’re going to be working with this management team, and you will be working closest with Justilien in the process of aquiring links.

The Marketing Assistant will identify, prioritize and pursue new and existing advertising space opportunities on third party websites. Training will be provided on how to evaluate a website. Person needs to have strong analytical ability and ability to negotiate deals.

Jim’s translation: We’re going to show you the value of, and the art of obtaining links via paying for advertising space on relevant websites. You will help find, and help deal in getting these advertising spaces.

The Marketing Assistant will be expected to generate his or her own ideas and initiatives that capitalize on existing and prospective partner strengths to drive substantive value to our clients. We Build Pages is at the forefront of this industry. We need creative and intelligent people with strong work ethics to continue our growth.

Jim’s translation: I want someone who get’s excited about this kind of work, and will go the extra mile and contribue IDEAS. I don’t like Zombies doing a job, I like people who can contribue ideas.

A successful Marketing Assistant has the opportunity to enjoy a very visible position within We Build Pages and interact closely with industry leaders in the Internet Marketing industry.

Jim’s Translation: We’ve got awesome office space, we’re a cool bunch of guys and gals (~15 inhouse), and I think we’re a Kick Ass company that’s a leader in our field. We love what we do, and want people who are passionate about this industry as well.

Essential Responsibilities
• Managing day-to-day relationships with strategic partners and website owners.
• Develop an internet marketing strategy for long-term business strategies for our clients.
• Negotiating and closing advertising opportunities.
• Ability to analyze and track performance of marketing efforts.
• Championing We Build Pages vision for Internet Marketing.
• Developing strong relationships with the We Build Pages sales team, design team, and leadership team, for effective roll out of the internet marketing strategies for new clients.

• Ability to work in a dynamic, entrepreneurial organization, in both a team and independent environment.
• Willingness to challenge the status quo to drive significant increases in marketing efforts for We Build Pages clients.
• Proven ability to negotiate and close marketing deals a plus.
• Familiarity with internet marketing a plus.
• Familiarity with business development in marketing and/or technology industry a plus.
• Knowledge of HTML is a plus.

To learn more about our company visit our website at

To apply, please email your resume to jobs -at–

Subject Line: Jobs at We Build Pages


Jim: If you want this job, and are willing to move to this area, and are willing to start at the bottom of the totom pole, then send me an email stating:

  1. Why you want this job?
  2. Where you see yourself in 3 years?
  3. What you’d like for your hourly pay for the first 3 months, for month 4-12, and pay expected after 1 year.
  4. When you could move here?
  5. Tell me about your internet experience.
  6. What email program do you use, and why?
  7. What is your homepage and why?
  8. How much formal education do you have?
  9. What were your grades like?
  10. Why why your grades were what they were?
  11. Tell me about your past jobs including: who, where, when, why…along with why you left each position.
  12. Have you ever bought anything online? If so, when was your first purchase, and how much do you think you’ve spent online total? Where do you find products?
  13. Tell me something about yourself?
  14. Do you know HTML, or other languages?
  15. Have you built a website, and if so, what’s the URL(s)?
  16. Have you done SEO before, explain in detail, including dates.
  17. References: Include how you know them.

Again, I should stress, this is not a high paying job. I’ll be deciding based on: pay requirements, experiences, enthusium, trainability, and references.


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