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New WBP Tool – Find Your Real Backlinks!

Real Backlinks – Find Real Sites that Link to you!

Sorry it’s been a while since posting! I’ve been hiring some new staff, training new staff, going on some business trips, and overall just plain busy!

But, Good News My Friends! We’ve got a new tool that I think you’re all going to like!

It’s called "Real Backlinks" and I’m ready for some beta testers!

Checking your backlinks in Google is near worthless….we all know that Google only shows a stale "sampling" of your backlinks.  Yahoo’s a bit better at showing backlinks…. but they also tend to show lots of scraper junk backlinks that Google’s too smart to index or count…and MSN…we’ll MSN is OK, but they eat up scraper junk too, and they’re not as good at Yahoo. The major engines all have issues in showing us what are our "Real Backlinks" – so this tool attempts to solve those problems and show your "Real Backlinks". 

FYI, exactly how it works I can’t tell you – sorry – It’s an ancient Chinese secret 😉

It’s slow….I know….but it’s as fast as it can be. The best way to run this tool is to enter in your url then minimize that window and return in 1/2 hour to see your results. If you sit there watching it you’re watching grass grow, so don’t do that….get it running, and come back to the page. (when it’s finished it’ll say it’s finished).

It is perfect? No…but I can say that it’s better than viewing your backlink in Google, Yahoo, or MSN. I think I can safely say that it’s the most accurate look at what are your "Real Backlinks".

Take Real Backlinks for a spin….tell me what you think.

**This still has some bugs in it….we’re working on it….it’s Beta for sure 😉 **


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8 Responses

  1. I started deleting the comments….(on second thought I wish I hadn’t…sorry…too late)…but in any case, looks like the tool is on hold for a bit:

    ***Update 04-05-06 12:30pm EST ….Looks like someone out there doesn’t like this tool and is giving us all sorts of funny scraper results now….we’ll see….some engineers out there are snickering….yea, I am too….doesn’t suprise me too much….we’ll see what we can do….I’ll let ya know when it looks like it’s working again…..otherwise I might have to make this a private tool….

  2. I was wondering about that when I saw some of the results that were coming back (the ones that I’d mentioned that didn’t look to be related to my company), the design of them looked extremely similar.

    Ah well, at least I was able to use the tool for a few hours, and find a few interesting things out (one of our applications is not allowed to be posted to the web under it’s T&C’s, yet I found 4 instances of it out there that I hadn’t found using the SE link checking), so thanks for that.

  3. Jim,
    I’d again check the same site. There was 3 unique back links previous time.
    Now only one, but repeated 7 times.


  4. Hi Jim,

    I like the tool. It seems to take out some of the scraper sites from Yahoo’s backlink results which is good. I don’t see it giving ALL of the real backlinks though. Unless it’s still not working properly.

  5. Cool tool, thank you.

    I didn’t wait until it was completely finished, although I did let it run for about the 1/2 hour you recommended. I did recognize at least 90% of the links shown.

  6. Looks to be an amazing links tool Jim!

    It found hundreds of links I had never seen, and indeed my page is listed there.

    What are the numbers before the link? do they have any important meaning?

    Thanks for providing a test run of this tool Jim!


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