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Does Ninja Linking Really Work?

Does Ninja Linking Really Work?….I gotta say…."IT DOES". We’ve even been suprising ourselves a lot lately…Over the past 2 days we’ve gotten 3 really nice letters from clients that are a testiment to the impact of Ninja Links on a business.


Wow! And double wow! That’s incredible. We’ve certainly seen the level of inquiries shoot up over the last couple of weeks. And we had 70 just in the last 24 hours. For a Sunday that is unprecedented. Needless to say we’re up the walls as a result, but we certainly ain’t complaining. Keep up the fantastic work! All the best,
Happy WBP Client

Thursday morning:

Thank you very much, I am 100% satisfied with your service, it give me so much surprise, now I am changing my site to a VPS server, I can use more of the advice in you report later.

I have a question, what will happen if I use the service which is $XXXXX per month? Will the ranking incease more quickly?

Thanks again.
Happy WBP Client

Thursday afternoon:

Looks great. No. 1 for "keyword keyword". Wow! Who would have thought that was possible 6 months ago? Not us, that’s for sure.

Organic traffic has been holding steady at Feb/March levels when normally it declines from April onwards. Because of the seasonal nature of the business it is difficult to measure the exact impact, but I can tell you our organic traffic is currently almost 3 times what it was this time last year. All down to you guys! The trick for us is to try and sustain it throughout the summer, keeping our slow season as short as possible!

Best regards,
Happy WBP Client.

I tell ya…when done good, ninja links rock!
I’m Feeling Lucky!

PS…I’ll be away in Seattle from Sat-Friday for SMX


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  1. There is no such thing as link ninjas. Go find a directory to get a link from…

    Brandon, perhaps you should have tossed in “These are not the droids you are looking for.” 😀

  2. Fred,

    Thanks for the link. i just read the article you linked to, and I still am not sure what a “link Ninja” is. The article talks about what what a link ninja can do -vs- a link baiter, without ever mentioning a definition for link ninja.

    Anyone? Anyone? Buller?

  3. Hi Jim,
    So what else do I need to convince my boss to give me the budget to hire your team?  I am in Seattle for the SMX, should we discuss a strategy?…
    See you there.

  4. epayasia – here’s 100+ links regarding ninja links: Run this command in Yahoo ninja

  5. Ninja linking is a linking process, pioneered in the mainstream by Jim Boykin.

    There’s a couple of different aspects to it, but it basically involves:
    – finding the right places to link from (more difficult that it first appears)
    – approaching the prospective linker correctly.
    – getting the right type of link (as Jim says, linking to content from within content)

    That’s why everyone is pointing folks back to this site. There’s plenty of tips here on how to find the over the top quality links that others don’t have, how to write an email to ensure success in your link request, and how to get the right type of link.

    In short, it’s an attitude with somewhat vague parameters. What it is not is getting run of site footer links, link exchanges, or automated emails. When you’re at the point where you can manually develop top quality links from within content then you’re a link ninja.

  6. just got online for the first time in several days (Still in Seattle).
    Wheel described what a link ninja is perfectly – thanks Glen!

  7. Seriously, link ninjas should deserve a lot of credit because researching quality site to request or pay for links require endless hours which is why clients continue to pay good money for such services.

    On the other hand, clients can always pay around 300 for a link monkey to do manual submissions that requires no creativity whatsoever.

  8. I agree with business blogger,
    PLUS add, that those $ 300 for a link monkey are not even proportional the quality you get from a ninja link

    in fact IMHO those $300 is just a waste of money to pay clueless people


  9. Aside from Ninja Linking, it seems to me that building sites with link-worthy content and useful tools is ‘Jedi Linking’, while using SEO tactics like artificial link building is the ‘dark side of the Force’. Resist the dark side, SEO-1.

  10. Seems like this ninja linking is the gentleman’s way of conducting SEO! And if it pays of by getting links from in content then surely it’s worth all the effort.

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