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Different Yahoo Search Result Page. Did I miss this?

I was in Seattle this past week, did I miss an announcement of a new Yahoo Search Result Page look?

I’ve got a screenshot here.

Sorry if you’ve already been seeing this and if this is old news.


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  1. Welcome back Jim!

    Nice one! – I don’t have the big blue bar at the top if that’s what you were wondering about. I don’t see any “Options” either. I think it looks cool.

  2. Wow, that really is a big change. I’m not seeing it on my computer, but they are probably testing it out on selected IP addresses or with cookies (Yahoo rolled out their homepage redesign in this way too).

    Anyway, I like the change. Yahoo need to differentiate their search from Google. Up until now it just looks like they have been copying. If only Yahoo or MIcrosoft would buy the Ask division from IAC, they could incorporate some of Ask’s innovation and bring it to a larger market share.

  3. I’m not seeing that version here either. I think a change would be good. I have noticed them playing around with the landing page a bit. Maybe they will actually make the move.

  4. I’ve been cursed with that new design. It only seems to happen with certain search strings, some searches I do still use the old red Yahoo page. I think I may have first gotten it Thursday morning

    Although I think it looks nicer, it doesn’t display the number of results found in a search. That number is a very important number so I hope they’re working on including it

  5. I like the new look from the screen shot, although I have not been able to view it live. Let’s hope they add the number of results found!

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