06 May 2007

On the Road Again…San Fran, Texas, N.Carolina, Seattle, etc!

Just a heads up that I’ll be traveling a lot the next 4 weeks, and might not be posting much.

This coming week I’ll be in San Francisco (Give me a shout if you’re near San Fran), next week I’ll be in Austin and Dallas Texas (every moment booked there), The following week I’ll be in North Carolina, then I’ve a few days off, then it’s off to Seattle for SMX where I’ll be on the "Better Ways" panel with some friends. 

Oh, and we did a new webuildpages theme song, I’ll try to release this week too…busy busy…but ya know, it sure is fun! When I’m an old man sitting in my rocker I’ll miss these days…..

Are you going to the SMX Seattle Conference?