06 Jul 2007

WBP Booked for rest of 2007 & Free Newsletter.

I just added to webuildpages.com this note "Sorry, we are currently booked through 2007 for all of our SEO and link building services"

July, August, September are already booked with new clients. October, November and December I’m not seeking to take on any new clients. We’re not seeking to take on any other clients until at least 2008.

It’s been a pretty crazy year so far. Back in November of 2006 we did our projected goals for 2007.  Nine (9) weeks into 2007 we hit our September goals in contracted monthly client work.  We surpassed our new client goals easily, but we also had many many existing clients increase thier budgets which was really nice.

We have about 27 employees at We Build Pages. This includes 18 ninjas, 2 designers, 2 programmers, Content Manager, Accountant, Office Manger, and COO, and me (not to mention we manage over 50 writers). We’re really lucky in that we’ve built a system of billing that was fair, honest, and allowed us to take on more work each month w/o loosing hours owed to clients, or having to hire more people).  To see how we bill, see our sample report (the more links we get, the less time we need to spend searching…this allows us to have open hours each month w/o loosing any time owed to clients).

So in October, when "time" opens up, we’ll be seeking to direct that open time on our own projects, and forego on any more new client projects for a while (at least no more in 2007).

We own several hundred websites already.  We are also very active in aquiring additional old quality sites (every other Friday here, 21 people are working on just contacting old sites for the purpose of buying them so we can help these sites become a better resource on the web…and we just might monitize them along the way). I just can’t see on passing on these opportunities that are available today. Why keep booking client time when we can book our own time on our own sites?

Wouldn’t you do the same if you were in my shoes?

PS. We’ve got a load of training videos that will be coming out in a few months (will blow away SEMPO’s), as well as their will be an opportunity to use some of our private tools (amazing tools for link hounds and optimization nuts), as well as a few other cool things we’ve got in the works here.

PSS. We’re also starting a Free newsletter for those who want to stay tuned, or get advance info of new products and tools from We Build Pages. Sign up today and you’ll be glad ya did tomorrow!