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Internet Marketing Services & Link Building Services – Open to Clients Again.

Back on July 6 I announced that we were going to stop taking on clients until 2008. At that time we were already booked with new clients until October, and I wanted to spend more time on our own projects as well.

We’ll, since July we’ve hired some amazingly talented new Link Ninjas, as well as we’ve got some plans already in place for many of our best properties that we own. We’ve come a long ways, and the good news is that my ninjas are telling me to "bring it on" when it comes to new link building services for clients.

Over the past few months we’ve improved and developed some crazy nice private software to find, track, manage, and report our work. Yes, you can automate many aspects of link building….but in the end it takes a human to write a personalized email, and a human to negiotate the deal, and a human to be able to analyze the data provided, and a human to write an ad that "fits in" and is optimized for many things.

If you’re interested in working with our internet marketing services ((which includes some on page reports initially) and then includes mostly link buiding services on an on-going basis), then check out our link buildng services page on We Build Pages. Check out our Honest Monthly Internet Marketing Reports that we provide for you. Then Contact Us Today. The later you contact us, the longer you’re going to have to wait in line.

The methods we take in our link building strategies work. We get results. If you’re a reader of my blog then there’s a great chance that you’re educated in the value of links, and the right kind of links…those that deliver results. We deliver the links that deliver the results. If you are a reader of my blog I’d love to work with you and show you why I think we’re the best in the world at link building. Tell me what you’re seeking.


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  1. Last time I filled that form out I got a call from you and you wouldn’t let me go then you called me back again after i told you the keywords I was trying to rank and told me I better buckled up so I took you for your advice and now I’m there.

    Thanks JIM

  2. Sah-weet! Does this mean that Internet Marketing Ninja training may launch soon as well. I’m waiting for the newsletter.

  3. Link ninja training. Come for the training, stay for the beer. Yes, someone got hurt at the last training session. Actually, it was after the training session, in the bar. And even though I’m sure it hurt like heck, the garbage can survived and I laughed like hell :).

    I’d urge anyone looking for SEO services to get on board with Jim immediately, before he gets booked up again.

  4. @Steve: A very persistent hard worker that can communicate with people very well through e-mails and etc. Being a link building takes a lot of work and skill it can be easy at times, but then again it can be tricky.

    more then anything its just persistence and hard work if you ask me.

  5. Jim,
    good to hear abt this..! and ya.. the stuffs u discussed here helped me a lot.. only when my blogspot address went to a higher PR that I redirect the same o the new domain. I think I can increase the PR .. do some SEO etc etc.. with tghis blog as a reference point.

    Thanks a lot for being with us jim.

  6. Sounds like your business is doing very well. It is hard to find talented people in this industry. I typically have to do lots of training.

  7. Hey Tyler, thanks for the tip of persistance. It reached me at the right time…. Time to get back on .edu some cases 🙂

  8. Frankly Jim:

    I want to rank like we build pages does, for every possible combination of long tail and niche 2 word phrase involving anything, and I mean anything remotely related to SEO, Internet Marketing, Company, Services, Expert, Professional you name it.

    All I know is, I don’t think there is a search I can do, without seeing you guys there. Once again, I have got to give it up, you guys are on top of your game and have the search engine ranking thing down pat.

  9. Jim, this is good news. I found your site by searching through the big G for Aaron Wall’s SEO book. Looks like you have a reliable service here.

  10. Jim,

    Glad to hear you are accepting new clients again. Do you have any advice on building links for local businesses?

  11. Would definitely like to become a link Ninja as well once you offer training. Will we get throwing stars with that as well?

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