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More Yahoo Test SERP Layouts – Screenshots.

Back in June I noted this Yahoo SERP Layout Test, and a few days ago I found these (see below) new Yahoo test SERPS layouts.

Of note in the first screenshot is #6…see the "Quick links"

In my second screenshot, I had clicked on the down arrow below the search box, which gives a dropdown.

I’m actually suprised that yahoo, google, and msn haven’t gone the way of Ask SERP’s yet.


3 Responses

  1. You know I’ve notice that display of Yahoo changing which I haven’t paid to close attention to it. I think I’m following what your saying, but I’ve noticed the design part of it changing a lot here latly then it goes back to “normal”, but then again I haven’t paid much attention so much stuff changes all the time everywhere.

    Like right now my results look like this

    then another day they will look like this

    I think thats what your talking about

    If anything I just wish all the search engines would be as fast as what Google is such as picking up backlinks and etc cause it seems like Yahoo is super slow at adjusting rankings.

  2. I like Ask’s SERP layout, too… You know exactly what you’re looking at as opposed to Google’s cluttered “Universal” SERPs.

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