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Sugarrae’s “Face of Evil” and Doug Smackdown.

Grab your popcorn! – Sugarrae found the face of evil, and then Doug get’s Bitchslapped.

Sugarrae has a wonderful post that was also Sphinn’d about a parenting blogger who was seeking to sell a review to Rae. In the email , the blogger wrote "Girl’s got to feed the family.". Rae (although she didn’t buy the blog review) made some interesting observations about that lady including:

…she built her site and she has the right to monetize and market it the way she chooses. But, it did give me a chuckle, because this, Matt, is exactly the type of link seller you cannot and will never be able to catch. This, is the elusive supposed “evil” you are so in search of.

This is a popular, trusted blogger who has a picture of her and her kids plastered all over her blog… this is an innocent face… this is your evil.

It’s a great read.

This post has a bonus with it too, ya gotta check out the comments. Doug Hail makes several appearances in the comments, spouting is stupidness, and getting a beating from SisterSledge, Graywolf, and getting smacked down again and again by Sugarrae (Doug, never mess with a woman who can pull rank, she’ll eat ya alive). Grab your popcorn!


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