07 Jul 2008

Are Forums Going the Way of the Brontosaurus?

It’s QualityGal again. It appears that my boss hijacked my last blog post in the comments section with a rant about… blogs. Among other things. I’ll let my request for education simmer for a few more days to see if I get any more advice by way of links.

This rant took place right around the same time he replied to my email about a project I’m working on, where he told me that forums are so 2004, and that blogs are making them obsolete. He cited the decline of SEO forums and the rise of SEO blogs in his reasoning. Turns out, Graywolf was discussing forums vs blogs way back in 2006.

(I guess it’s important to distinguish that we’re talking about blogs from two different perspectives here. According to Jim, as I understand it, blogs in the link building context are bad, but blogs as community resources are good.)

Okay, so he shot down my plan for building a forum. I accept that. In this instance, I think he had a fair point. My target audience may not benefit as much from a forum as I had originally thought. I drafted a better idea. But what about forums in general?

I must admit, I frequent two or three forums on a daily basis – off the clock – as I have for several years. They’re not professional resources; the purpose they serve is primarily social in nature. Am I stuck in the stone age alongside my forum friends? Is our Fellowship of the Forums doomed to disappear in the shadow of the growing blogosphere?

I’d like to think that there is still value for forum as community in certain instances. Not everyone out there has the talent or the energy to create, maintain, and promote a blog.

Am I letting my naivete show?

– QualityGal

Title note: Aside from being extinct, the brontosaurus no longer properly exists, as it was renamed apatosaurus sometime after I grew up. Doubly burned.