03 Jul 2008

QualityGal Has Entered the [Link] Building

Hi, I’m not Jim. I’d like to introduce myself. You can call me QualityGal.

Oh sure, that’s not what’s written on my birth certificate or marriage license, but it’s so much more fun than my “real name.” I almost feel like I should wear a cape and have a nemesis, but I have a feeling that my co-workers, the link ninjas, would look at me funny if I did.

This is my first week here at We Build Pages, so I’m still learning the ropes. To give you a little background, I just got out of an independent contractor relationship with a large company that must-not-be-named. Because of my iron-clad NDA, I can’t tell you anything about it.

None of what I do for Jim even remotely violates my NDA – though I did fret about it for about five minutes before we ironed out the details – but the super secret super spy work I did has gotten me into the right mindset for what I’m doing now. Even seemingly unrelated jobs I’ve done in the past seem to have come together to give me the perfect storm of experience I need to join the world of SEO and content building.

My Mission, Should I Choose to Accept It

Jim has given me a plethora of SEO blog links to read up on, since I’m new to the SEO world. In the process of wading through it all, from SEO Chicks to Vanessa Fox Nude to Sphinn, I feel like I’m in over my head!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

I’m reading a lot. But even if I read all day long, there’s bound to be some really good stuff that I miss.

So I need your help! (Parents, try not to hear Dora the Explorer’s voice saying that phrase. That’s all I can hear in my head now that I’ve typed it.)

Let’s pretend I can only read three blog posts to help get my feet wet in SEOland. Which three blog posts should I read?

Leave me a comment with your picks for the top three SEO blog posts out there. Yes, even if you’ve written them. I’ll post my favorites sometime next week.

For now, I’m out of here. QualityGal needs to spend some quality time with her family over the long weekend. Happy Fourth of July!

– QualityGal