13 Mar 2008

WBP buys SEOClass.com, and offers 4 Live Training Dates.

So this is just my leaking the news that We Build Pages has acquired SEOClass.com. SEO Class has been a leading Internet Marketing training program providing live SEO Training classes.

We’re going to take SEO Class to the next level, and offer 4 classes from New York, to San Francisco, to Dallas, to Edinburgh, Scotland. These classes will include many well know experts in the field of Internet Marketing. These classes are designed to give you advanced knowledge by world leading SEO experts. 

The "official" press release is coming out tomorrow, and the SEOClass.com site is changing by the minute this week with updates.

The first SEO Class will be at Troy NY on April 11th. The speaker list includes:

  1. Michael Gray (Graywolf)

  2. Greg Neiland (GoodROI)

  3. Barry Schwartz (Rustybrick)

  4. Ted Ulle (Tedster)

  5. Chris Winfield (10e20)

  6. Kim Krause Berg (Cre8pc)

  7. Jim Boykin (We Build Pages and IM Ninjas)

From 9 in the morning until 6 at night you will receive training presentations and time for Q & A with 7 of the most knowledgeable SEO’s in the world. The following day (the 12th) we’re renting a bus and some of the speakers, as well as about 20 We Build Pages Link Ninjas, will be going to New York City for the day. We’ll do some sightseeing and talk some SEO, and you’re welcome to come with us on the bus for free to NYC (for those who attend the April 11th training classes).

There are 3 other SEO Classes scheduled for 2008. They will be:

  • June 23-24 Edinburgh Scotland. (4 hours of formal training each day, rest of time is sightseeing/networking with other SEO’s)

  • September 22-23 San Francisco, California (4 hours of formal training each day, rest of time is sightseeing/networking with other SEO’s)

  • November 17-18 Dallas Texas (17th training day, 18th free bus trip to Buffalo Gap.)

I’m still putting together the names for the future classes, and we’ll be publishing the rest of the confirmed folks soon for each date, but I will let you know we’ve got these names already set for future classes: Ammon Johns, Bill Hartzer, Barry Lloyd, Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl), Shaun Anderson (Hobo), Brian Turner (iBrian), Tony Wright, and a several others. Within a week or two we should have most of the future speakers confirmed and updated on SEOClass.com.

Each SEO Class live event only costs $2995. As a bonus, I’ll give the first 200 members of Internet Marketing Ninjas a Free pass to one of the SEO Class Live Events. (So for $2995 you get about 35 videos by 35 of the worlds best SEO’s (we’ve got 13 now, and over 20 more scheduled for this year), plus you get about 25 SEO Tools by We Build Pages, and you get a free pass to an SEO Class Live event.).

Learn more about SEO Class Live events on SEO Class.com.

Become one of the first 200 Internet Marketing Ninjas and get a free SEO Class Live pass.