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SEO Class Troy NY April 11th – Free to IM Ninjas.

In a few weeks (April 11th) we’re having the first SEO Class of the year.

It will be held at the Franklin Square Inn in Troy New York (just north of Albany).

The presenters that day will be:

On April 12th we’re taking a bus to NYC, Those who attended the class on the 11th are welcome to join us for the full day trip to NYC on the 12th.

The class costs $2995, or can be free with your purchase of internet marketing ninjas (get you 1 free pass to a SEO Class).

We have about 30 seats filled and we can only hold about 40 people, so if you’re planning to attend, I’d sign up ASAP.

There will also be SEO Classes in Scotland, San Francisco, and Dalles (details), later this year.



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