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So I can’t help but wonder how the cards will be played this year with the search engines. Will Microsoft buy Yahoo. Will Google buy Yahoo, Will Google buy Ask? Will Microsoft buy Yahoo and Ask, and maybe grab AOL along the way? Who Knows….here’s some interesting URL combinations, and who owns them.
Registrant:  zhou luping
Created:  2008-01-12
Registrant:  Gregory F. Rittenhouse
Created:  2007-04-24
Registrant:  Yahoo! Inc.
Created:  2004-05-27
Registrant: Yahoo! Inc.
Created:  2005-04-07
Registrant: Yahoo! Inc.
Created:  2005-06-15
Registrant: Proxy
Created:  2002-12-12
Registrant: Registercom
Created:  2005-01-04
Registrant: Proxy
Created:  1999-10-15
Registrant: Google Inc.
Created:  1999-10-15

Ah! Here’s one that’s available:

oh, another that’s available:

and another available:

Any we should add to this list?



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  1. …Jim Boykin shares with us the names of domain registrants who will be UDRP’ed shortly along with offering examples of domain names, if bought, would also lead to UDRP proceedings against the registrant…

  2. I have full respect for people with free time to do such research.

    I’m clueless in law matters but why would people register domains with copyrighted names within … they feel like paying when sued? As they will loose in court unless the domain is older then the brand but … even then … .


    PS: I hope Microsoft gets Yahoo! and:
    1. Puts it out of business and ruins their decent algo
    2. Sometimes in the near future beats the sheet out of Google …

  3. Lol!. These are some great domains. I wonder how much money some of those are worth?

    Yeah having free time to do that research also makes me wonder. Great way to get readers to your blog though.

  4. I’ve just gotten into this whole thing….put up my first site…nothing huge.
    Working on others, and it’s a pain dealing with all the search engines. I don’t know if it would be better or worse if they all become one. On the one hand you know who and what you are dealing with on the other hand. . . you then have to deal with that one and only search engine, not that it isn’t already that way.

    I’m thinking two would be good! One to keep the other in check.

    I think microsoft will buy everyone except google….they just love to buy stuff.

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