11 Jan 2007

What to do when you’re the FROM address of someones email spam campaign.

 Twice this past month I’ve got online in the morning to check my email and found hundreds of returned mail sitting in my inbox. What these are is that some clown (for lack of nastier names) has sent out a blast email where they put all types of variations before @webuildpages.com… for example dkdklds@webuildpages.com or bobsmith@webuildpages.com etc etc, and so when they send their spam, the return email is something @ webuildpages.com.

I’m sure this must happed to lots of people besides me (I’m guessing I’m a random hit, not a "I hate Jim" hit).

I’m sure webuildpages is now on several spam lists, I’m sure I’ve pissed a bunch of people off who think I’m the one sending theses (and hurting the image of webuildpages.com).

I know one email spam filter that we’re listed on, and unfortunately many IPS’s and hosts use that filter….and when I’ve looked into how to get my emailed delisted from their spam list I was suprised they the people who make this list totally assume you’re guilty and they make you jump through so many hoops to try to claim your innocence that it appeared that it would take a lot of time and work to try to get off the spam list.

What can be done?