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Since Donna let the cat out of the bag, I thought I’d follow suit.

A handful of SEO’s are in a contest to lose weight, and to help charities. You can help us as well.

The Women:

DazzlinDonna from SEO Scoop
playing for Hospice Foundation from America

Jennifer Laycock from Search Engine Guide
playing for HMBANA Milk Banks

Nathania Johnson from Bold Interactive
playing for Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association

Debra Mastaler from Alliance-Link
playing for Dream Catchers Therapeutic Riding Center

Scottie Claiborne
playing for Sistercare Battered Women’s Shelter

The Men:

Aaron Wall from SEO Book
playing for Amnesty USA

Jim Boykin from We Build Pages
playing for Unity House in Troy NY

Simon Heseltine from Serengeti Communication
playing for Kids Wish Network

Jeff Quipp from Search Engine People Inc.
playing for Tuberous Sclerosis Canada

David Wallace from SearchRank
playing for The Phoenix Rescue Mission

Ben Cook from
playing for Ronald McDonald Mobile Program

The Rules (listed on

"During the two month period between February 1, 2008 and March 31, 2008, each SEO will attempt to lose weight using whatever methods he or she thinks is best. On March 31st, the woman who has lost the most weight (based on a percentage of weight loss) and the man who has lost the most weight (again based on percentage) will be in a finalist face-off. On April 1st, all of you will vote and choose the winner of the challenge from those two finalists. The final winner’s charity will receive all of the sponsorship pledge funds."

So I know what you’re all asking yourself, "How can I help sponsor this cool charity contest" – hey, glad you asked! Check out the Sponsor page.

Why you should sponsor this event:

1. The money will go to one of these charities, and I’m sure all of them can use the contributions to help make the world a better place.

2. All those who donate $20 or more will be entered into a drawing, where 1 name will be chosen. That person/organization will win a one year subscription to Internet Marketing Ninjas (a $2995 value) (Sorry, search engines and search engine employees are not eligible).

3. Sponsors will be listed on the Friends page. (FYI, all links are no-followed….this is not the time or place to debate links).

Google has generiously donated sitewide support, and We Build Pages has donated on my page.

OK, I’m out to win!

Check out SEOs FIght Fat for Charity



4 Responses

  1. Very generous of you to throw in the Internet Marketing Ninjas subscription. Thanks!

    Just to go on record, I wish all participants much luck in their goals during this contest, but it IS still a contest, and I’m gonna kick butt! 😉

  2. No fair, I’m a year too late for this! I’ve dropped form 30% body fat to 17% in 2007. If any of you contestants want a hint, you need just things:

    1) The Zone Diet by Dr Barry Sears, it’s the only diet that really makes sense and doesn’t stuff your body up by making you drink cabbage or other such nonsense. It’s also extremely easy and I guarantee will actually have you eating MORE food than you ever have in your life! Honestly, no hunger at all. I struggle sometimes to eat all the food I should in a day.

    2) is an astonishing exercise regime. It’s the same regime that the actors for the film the 300 Spartans used to get into shape in literally a matter of weeks.

    Take the Zone and Crossfit and there’s no way you can lose this contest.

  3. Interesting contest, good for the participants and for the charities.

    BTW, I can give “free” diet tips for links 😉 (I am a dietitian)


  4. Being a health care provider and fly on the wall SEO I thought the concept was an excellent example of the community doing something positive together. Sponsored Jennifer Laycock and continue wishing everyone the best of success in this!

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