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Lessons Learned from Positon 6 Filter and New Video for IM Ninjas

Position 6 Filter – Confirmed, and told "Glitch" and "being fixed".

Some laughed, some cried, any many analyzed and made "guesses". We had 6 sites that we clearly saw this happen to, so I was analzying for countless hours since just before Christmas in an attempt to figure out what could have happened to make those sites go from top 5 rankings (mostly #1’s), to having most of their top phrases go to #6 in Google.

2 Days ago I even did a 41 minute video for internet marketing ninjas, along with writing a paper detailing what happened, and some recommendations for possible solutions to this problem. This video will be released tomorrow on internet marketing ninjas.

FYI, solution #1 was "1. Don’t panic. Sometimes it’s just google testing things and you could bounce right back with no changes."

That turned out to be the case this time….but it still begs the question "What were they trying to do (that went "wrong" and caused this "glitch").

My analysis basically showed that there was no common relations between backlinks, forward links, and on page factors when it came to the #6 position filter. So when those factors don’t seem to come into play, what’s left? In other words, we all think "Links and Content", but what are other factors that could be coming into play? My solutions I gave for "possible solutions" involved looking at some of these other factors that might be playing a role in rankings of websites, and how to "optimize" for these other possible ranking factors.

I was a bit miffed this morning when I saw that Matt said "it was a glitch" and things are rolling back….Damn, the amount of analysis I put it…writing papers on it, creating a video, being 1 day prior to release, and finding "it’s a glitch"….but ya know, the more I think about the "possible solutions" I found, the more I think "what was google trying to do" and "what are other factors that might play a role in rankings that normally are not looked at"…and ya know, my "possible solutions" are not what will get you back to #1, but there are valid, and they are worth looking at…so yes, I’ll still put this video and the analysis paper into Internet Marketing Ninjas tomorrow.

In the mean time, feel free to check out the free preview video (~8 minutes) here. FYI, the preview video does not go into the "possible solutions"…I kept the preview to mostly just the analysis.

FYI, you might also note that the video quality is at a whole new level – yes, we’ve got a professional now for filming and for production. All future videos should be of this quality. We’ll also have some news soon about the next round of videos/presenters and more cool value add on items we’re adding to internet marketing ninjas.

I guess in the end I shouldn’t be upset, the sites are coming back to #1…..but I’ll admit, I did cuss when I heard "glitch".


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  1. Hey Jim,

    We are looking to add video content to one of our sites. Any recommendations oh how to find a good video person to record, produce these things? I’m having problems finding a source.

  2. If some top ranking sites dropped to lower positions suddenly, any word on what filled their places? Some of my sites jumped up recently… hope that wasn’t a glitch!

  3. Has this been posted yet? It’s been a couple days and I haven’t been able to find the new video in IMJ. Thanks!

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