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Tweet Productively: Tools to Break Long Text into Tweets Easily

Twitter is a great platform, but the microblogging nature of it can be a flaw for many. In the beginning the use of 140 characters made sense. Now it is a little harder to conform to that size, and people are always trying to find ways around it.

Luckily, there are tools that let you break down long texts, or circumvent the rule. These five are must-haves for your bookmark list.

Tall Tweets

Tall Tweets gives you two options for extending your tweet: create tweetstorms (multiple posts that make up a larger discussion on your feed), or a text image that people can view and read. Both allow you to get over the 140 character limit in a readable way.

In addition, you can use a highlighter in the text to make certain words or sentences stand out to the reader.



Are you working on your iPhone? Tweetsplit is a handy little app that will split up your posts into naturally readable parts based on the best area for a pause. It will include the twitter @tags in each if you were addressing someone, so all the messages will get to them, not just part.

It is simple, doesn’t take up a lot of space or resources (a big issue for Apple users), and is easy to use. It is free to download and use, without any in app purchases, so worth it.

Just want a super simple chop up of what you wanna say, in order, and easy to tweet? You can use for that purpose. You just put in the paragraph(s), and let it do the work for you. Then connect to your Twitter account and post them right from the app.

Nothing to it, and nothing to download or install. I like this one, even those it is barebones. It is quick and lacks any frills.



Want to post a text image instead of actual text? A lot of people are doing that lately, not only for the ease, but because it is a highly visual way to get across a message.

Twitter really rewards images these days; when you have such a tiny space, photos say more. You can either do a straight text image, or make a visual quote with a provided background. Or upload your own, rather than use one from their gallery.



Clip out a piece of text, or use the whole thing, and share it as an image. This app works a lot like the others, but it is mobile and browser based. You can download it for either Android or Chrome, and it is pretty easy to use.

I like using it in Chrome because I can right click in to get what I want clipped quickly, without any fuss. Then it just adds it in for me.

Share Your Own!

Do you have any tools that let you break down longer messages for Twitter? We would love to hear about them. Post them in the comments below.


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