12 Jan 2015

How to Schedule Instagram Updates (and Post to Instagram from the Web)

Instagram is a fascinating community. It is based entirely on content, and normally that doesn’t foster much of a feeling of togetherness. Somehow Instagram has managed to find the right balance between social sharing, and social interaction. The result is a place that is growing in both capabilities and popularity, and drawing those who would normally have stuck to a more familiar setting like Facebook.

If you are going to be using Instagram as a marketing tool (and most people are), it is crucial that you learn how to do both.

Use these tools to enhance your Instagram experience, use the service from your computer, schedule posts, and more.


  • √ Schedule Instagram updates from mobile
  • √ Post and schedule Instagram updates from the web (However the mobile app is required to approve scheduled posts before they go live)
  • √ Multiple Instagram account support
  • √ Free


The idea is pretty simple. You upload one or multiple images/videos from either the web or phone. You set a schedule so they are released as you want them to be. You can then get the images pushed to your phone, if you choose. You will get an alert just prior to scheduled posts publishing, so you can either change/erase the post, or verify it.

Because you have to authorize the publishing at the time it is scheduled, this is more a way of monitoring your posting calender than an autoposter. But for those who want more control, it is a great tool.

[block]2[/block] (Paid)

  • √ Schedule Instagram updates from mobile
  • √ Post and schedule Instagram updates from the web
  • √ Multiple Instagram account support
  • Free (Starts from $12/month)


A tool aimed at managing business accounts, this is a social media manager’s dream. It can handle multiple Instagram profiles at once, and creates an interactive dashboard with a number of features that make using the social network a lot easier.

Post images from the web in your browser, schedule them (and they do auto post based on this scheduling), and edit your images right from the app. That includes cropping, enhancing, and filters.

The only real negative is that to connect it to Instagram, you need to provide your Instagram login and password (This is not secure official authentication), so I’ll leave it up to you whether you want yo give it a try.


  • √ Schedule Instagram updates from mobile
  • √ Post and schedule Instagram updates from the web
  • √ Multiple Instagram account support
  • – Free (Starts from $5/month)


Just want something super simple that schedules and auto-posts photos and videos, then lets you know? Then this one might be for you. Upload via you browser, manage multiple accounts, and allow multiple administrators access. Once the scheduled posts have been published, you get an emailed alert. So any time there it a problem, you will know right away.

Best of all, there is multiple upload support. So you can put a bunch of photos or videos on at once, edit the information like meta data, and then schedule them all at once. This is so much more efficient than doing it one by one.

How Often Should I Schedule Posts?

This is a common question that many people have when they use Instagram. Because of the nature of the platform, and the fact that it is using both visual content, and often personal visual content, it can be tricky to figure out the right balance between active and overactive.

A lot of it comes down to what you post on your profile. For example, if you run a fashion blog, then people will be wanting to see things at least a few times a week. But if you are just showing photos of products, less frequent updates are going to be fine.

It also depends on how active you want your account to be. Some people use it as a tool for connecting with the community at large, rather than a dump site for their images and videos. So being a frequent commenter and follow is going to be more beneficial than always publishing images.

If you want to grow your profile as a content hub, you should be posting at least a few times a week, maybe even every day. That is where scheduling comes in handy; you can schedule a bunch of posts at the beginning of the week, and then leave it alone.

Do you have any tips for running an Instagram account? Let us know in the comments!