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User Experience in Design, Google Domain Registration, Ad Copy and Lots of Link building

roundup-google-domainsAs usual Google and their latest moves and desires are at the forefront of the conversation. But Yahoo and Bing get a nod this week with some new tweaks to their paid ad displays.

There are some beginner and advanced conversations on getting links in, linking out and separating the idea of link building from the idea of entity mentions and brand building. As usual there are some great minds and interesting theories in the debate and you should definitely add your own spin

What are inlinks and outlinks and relation to Google SEO?

Getting started in SEO, understanding links and how Google uses them is one of the first steps to putting together a solid digital marketing plan. While this starts off as a basic request for a definition, it evolves into a discussion the nuances of various linking techniques, where they still make sense, where they are abused and how the SEO industry in general incorporates new and old techniques into writing and practice.

Entity Mentions and Link Building

In a more advanced link building related topic, as big brands continue to perform well in Organic search, there are a number of people looking to answer the question “why”. Part of the discussions that keeps re-emerging is how “Entity Mentions” play into the formula. But more pointedly, the need for a separation of the practice of building “entity mentions” from the practice of link building. This thread delves into some expert opinions on patents, unlinked citations vs. link building and keeping a clear distinction between the two initiatives in mind.

Google now lets everyone in US register domains

After 6 months in the Domain Registration space Google is has dropped the invite-only limitation allowing all US users to register domains through Google. They offer new TLDs to choose form and offer free private domain registration, a feature which can come at a cost through other registrars. As Google expands their hold on yet another space, it will be interesting to see how registering domains through Google impacts the future of internet growth, marketing and of course, search.

Yahoo & Bing ads showing duplicate copy

Yahoo & Bing ads are playing with the power of repetition in their ad copy. By showing description line 1 in their ads and titles they’ve so far indicated an increase in clicks-through. Apparently there may still be some power left in the department of redundancy department.

Why Do Bad Web Designs Thrive?

One philosophical conversation wonder when the user experience will become the new king of Web Design. When aesthetics take precedence over function does usability suffer? Do widely accepted design conventions stifle new innovations? The further integration of Web design and marketing in the digital space asks us to answer these kinds of questions, and to raise new ones about how much will UX drive our design decisions moving forward.


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