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Jen Van Iderstyne

Jen Van Iderstyne

Marketing Manager

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Jennifer Van Iderstyne is head of client relations and the marketing manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. She conducts SEO research, provides consulting, and oversees the coordination of client campaigns. In her free time she handles marketing efforts, conference planning and brand messaging for IMN.

A brief biography of Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Jennifer Van Iderstyne has spent her entire life in upstate New York. In 2002 she graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a major in politics and minors in acting and communication. She came to Internet Marketing Ninjas, and the field of SEO in 2006 after a brief stint working in public policy. Beginning as a link builder, she quickly learned about other aspects of SEO including content development, analysis, on-page optimization and strategic planning. During her tenure at Internet Marketing Ninjas, she has built links, written and evaluated content, created reports, trained other employees and managed hundreds of client accounts. Having worked in so many parts of the company over the course of its development has given her a unique insight into how all aspects so online marketing work together. In addition to her day to day responsibilities, she also contributes regularly to the IMN blog, Search Engine Watch and has had guest blogs posted on various other industry blogs.

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Jen's Previous Speaking Events

Pubcon New Orleans 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

April 22-25, 2013

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Industry Testimonials

Jen and Shawn, I just wanted to remind you both that I am very grateful for your time and effort you have shown our account and if you weren't so damn faraway, I'd give you both real big bear hugs right now! :) Heck, at this rate, you've earned about 85% of the naming rights for my first born! I'm thinking "Jeawn". It has a nice ring to it... :) Alright back to work. Peace out!
Peter K.

Jim and Jen, Thanks for your time and an awesome meeting. Jim,You have done so much in the past few years with your company, Your office space, your employees, their commitment are evidence that you have instilled your positive traits into them and your business. You should be proud. Jen, You are "on it"!! It is uplifting seeing someone your age being so intense and into their work like you are. I can tell you're the type who wakes up with a smile and positive attitude. Michelle and I enjoyed the dialog and the advice. I really appreciate all you have done for me over the years and continue to do.
Mark M.

Jim, You rock!, and thank you SO MUCH for your extremely fast response to my question. Please know that Shawn and Jen have been a BLAST to work with, and that everyone here is extremely grateful and values the partnership our companies have formed over the past year or so. If there is anything that I can ever do to return the favor, please do not hesitate to ask.
Thomas W.

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11 Apr 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

On-page Optimization ideas, Refreshes Remain Manual, The EU Builds its Case and More!

This week’s forum thread round-up is in! Check out what the search and social community has been discussing this week: My First Web Site Was… Do you remember your first website? Inspired by seeing the work of former student, our forum founder reflects on how it all started. Everyone begins somewhere, makes mistakes and learns along the way. But sometimes looking at where you came from can help you figure… [Read More…]

03 Apr 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Google and the FTC, Microsoft and Bing, Wikipedia, Mobility Tip AdSense Updates and more!

Forces at play in and around Google and Yahoo are a prominent theme in the communities this week. From Google issues with the FTC to the alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft there are some major big picture questions worth talking about. There is also more mobile preparedness fallout, speculation on Google’s current attitude toward Wikipedia, changes to AdSense and some questions on best practices with no-indexing pages. There’s plenty to… [Read More…]

01 Apr 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Introducing Rel=Fact

On the heels of a study testing a fact based approach to rankings known as Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT) Google is releasing additional news on this front. Even though the KBT concept is still in relative infancy, to give the idea a bit of a growth spurt, Google has unveiled a new attribute intended to help webmasters distinguish their fact based content for the Knowledge Vault. The new tag rel=fact, has… [Read More…]

27 Mar 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

More on Mobile, Google’s Domains, Microsoft’s Browser Makeover Plus Link & Content Discussions

The impending mobile update or “Mobilegeddon” is infiltrating the consciousness of most webmasters, SEOs and our communities  with multiple threads on mobile usability popping up across the forums. People are also talking about Google over the recent ranking success of their new product, Google Domains.  And while content, linking and even Microsoft get a little attention this week, most of us seem to have our eyes on our smart phones… [Read More…]

20 Mar 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Google is Talking! Doorway Pages, Autocomplete, Blocked Resources and More!

It’s been a Google news heavy week in search with announcements and changes dominating the discussion. From algorithm changes to new WMT features and yet another nudge toward mobile friendliness there is a lot to do and consider in the very near future. With Google in a communication overload it’s a good time to start considering your long term strategy. How do you think these changes will affect the Search… [Read More…]

13 Mar 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Apple & Google, The Knowledge Box and other SEO Questions and Quandaries

It was a week of eclectic questions and musings on the forums with lots of theoretical postulation and debate. Amidst the predictions and questions we have a case study on the early impact of Google’s Knowledge Box on one niche and the news that a popular WordPress plugin vulnerability has been addressed. But, for the most part, matters of possibility and perspective reign. Jump in and offer your own insights… [Read More…]

06 Mar 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Real and Theoretical Changes to the SERPS, Rankings and Google’s Product Lines

Speculation and evaluation of big changes in search are all over the communities this week. The way we get search results could be evolving in major ways, and potentially very quickly. Tweets are already in the SERPs, mobile-friendliness will be playing a much bigger role in less than 2 months and Google products and teams are starting to shift. Looking forward, the idea of Knowledge-Based Trust changing the way sites… [Read More…]

27 Feb 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Content Ownership, Modern SEO and Google’s Ever-Changing Roles and Offerings

Philosophy and ideology make an appearance this week in some of the most popular and thought provoking threads. Whether we’re talking about who has rights to content when services are cancelled, best practices that stand the test of time or how Google can improve society, there’s no shortage of big picture questions to consider. Even specific events like Google Helpouts closing and Yandex bucking Android bundling, raise issues of information… [Read More…]

13 Feb 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Tweets on Google, Web Anonymity, Modern SEO Considerations and More!

This week’s chatter is full of implications, from Tweets in the SERPS to white lists, bot activity and online privacy. A lot of what is being talked about really only scratches the surface of what one idea or one small change could become. While SEO often forces us to stay in-the-moment, part of the fun of the industry is always looking ahead. For every change or new development  that happens… [Read More…]

06 Feb 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Balancing Social Media, Ad Blocking and Google, Google and More Google!

This week we’re covering a little social media, a little paid advertising but it’s mostly a lot of analyzing Google from the business side to the ranking side. The Search Juggernaut is often under public scrutiny for what it’s doing and what it wants from Webmasters. This week our threads are full of different discussions about how they do business and how we use them to do our business. Pick… [Read More…]

29 Jan 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Thoughts from Matt Cutts and Eric Schmidt, Questions about our Complex Relationship with Google

Big names and big minds with big ideas are the bookends of this week’s round up, while equally substantial digital marketing questions fill out the middle. From waxing nostalgic with Matt Cutts, to playing Nostradamus with Eric Schmidt, or living in the here and now with our daily questions about Facebook, Google and how to keep track of constantly changing rankings. There’s plenty to think about and talk about, so… [Read More…]

22 Jan 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

Mobile, Twitter, Facebook and Google all Face the Future with Big Changes

This week on the forums, it’s eyes forward to the future in several of the threads. From current trends like mobile usability to how our past may affect the future through the “Right to be Forgotten”. With a proliferation of predictions and musings on what may be to come, January 2015 continues to be a popular time to reflect and forecast what the next step may be for people from… [Read More…]

15 Jan 2015
Jen Van Iderstyne

User Experience in Design, Google Domain Registration, Ad Copy and Lots of Link building

As usual Google and their latest moves and desires are at the forefront of the conversation. But Yahoo and Bing get a nod this week with some new tweaks to their paid ad displays. There are some beginner and advanced conversations on getting links in, linking out and separating the idea of link building from the idea of entity mentions and brand building. As usual there are some great minds… [Read More…]