16 Jan 2015

Mobile Marketing: What Forwardfacing Marketers Are Considering

[block]4[/block]E-Commerce: Preparing for mobile payments

One of the biggest traditional mobile commerce challenges for visitors on mobile devices is going through the process of buying something. Even with a responsive websites or mobile only experience, it is very difficult to make online payments. Mobile payments systems are finally starting to gain ground among users.

Whole Foods recently announced that about 1% of its transactions were now through Apple Pay. Also, a post today on Apple Insider stated that Bank Of America customers have activated 1.1 million cards on Apple Pay.

Overall, Forrester predicts that between all of the mobile commerce systems (Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Venmo, and Square Cash) mobile payments will increase from $52 billion to $142 billion in the United States by 2019.

If you’re doing ecommerce online, getting ready for mobile commerce is something to consider for POS, mobile site and  app for 2015. Otherwise, this is something that you should monitor very closely this year.

Publishers: Potential Page Segmentation Updates Targeting Ad Filled Mobile Experiences

One thing that I see very commonly over and over again are ad links disquised as navigation and huge adblocks above content. Although I’m sure that many companies are cashing in on this right now, I have a feeling that it is only a matter of time before search engines take similar actions on mobile experiences related to ads as they have done for desktop experiences.

It may not be within the next couple months, or even in 2015, but eventually search engines will also be analyzing mobile landing pages in a similar way as they analyze desktop landing pages and experiences.

Lead Generation: Email Capture & Event Tracking Is More Important Than Ever

If your customers have a longer conversion journey, you expect that visitors will interact with your site using multiple devices. Unavoidably, this throws off some of your your anlaytics reporting. Now, more than ever, it is important to create email capture opportunities not only for lead nurturing but also to get a better view of customers.

These opportunities can be created with ebook downloads, webinar promotions, and more. Also, event tracking can be used to track meaningful interactions such as RSS subscribers, blog comments, PDF views and more. Doing this will provide you with other datapoints to help you create a more descriptive picture of how visitors are using your website.

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