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Popular SEO and Social Media Twitter Chats [Google Calendar]

A couple of years ago I wrote an article for Mashable listing some of the most essential Twitter chats discussing social media marketing. The list has grown a lot since then, so I decided to create an easy-to-share Google calendar you can subscribe to.

A couple essential tips first:Tweetdeck

  • No need to try to be active in each and every Twitter chats in the calendar. Your Twitter stream will get impossible to follow / cluttered, plus you’ll have no time left for anything else. Just keeping an eye and maybe adding something worthy from time to time will be enough
  • Create columns in Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to watch the chats and organize them. I prefer Tweetdeck because I can set any column to deliver desktop notifications; so I can decide which of the chats I was to watch closer.


I have converted the whole schedule in EDT. Please use this converter if necessary. If you join the calendar, it will convert time for you.

**If any of the chats changed schedule or stopped or if you have started a regular Twitter chat and want us to feature it in the calendar, please share it in the comments or tweet to me @seosmarty**

Add this calendar anywhere -> Click this link

Now a few details about each included chat (plus a few more):


#EcomChat: 8 am

  #SEOTalk: 10 am

  #PoCchat: 11 am

  • Topic: “Power of Connection“: Leadership, Relationships & Development
  • Host: @raehanbobby

#Mmchat: 8 pm

  • Topic: Weekly Twitter interviews with marketing managers
  • Host: @JeffAshcroftM

#AtomicChat: 9 pm

#SocialChat: 9 pm

TuesdayTweet: SEO+Social Media Twitter Chats -> TUE: #VCBuzz #cmworld #PPCChat #LinkedInChat #GetRealChat #RBchat #SmManners

#VCBuzz: 12 pm

  • Topic: Weekly Twitter interviews with social media and content marketing experts
  • Host: @ViralContentBuz

#cmworld: 12 pm

#PPCChat: 12 pm

  • Topic: Everything about PPC
  • Host: @Matt_Umbro

#BizHeroes: 2 pm

  • Topic:
  • Host: @smallrivers

#SMXChat: 3 pm

#LinkedInChat: 8 pm

#SocialCafe: 9 pm

  • Topic: Social, Blogging, Branding, Marketing
  • Hosts:  @socialwebcafe @theblogworkshop

#GetRealChat: 9 pm

  • Topic: Real social media marketing
  • Host: @PamMktgNut @PamMktgNut @MktgNutz @JoshROINut

#RBchat: 9 pm

#SmManners: 10 pm



#BrandChat: 11 am

 #SMChat: 1 pm

  • Topic: The evolution of Social Media and SM Marketing
  • Hosts:
  • 1st WEDS Mobility w/ several mods including @smsjoe & @autom8
  • 2nd WEDS Customer Service w/ Amber @ambercleveland
  • 3rd WEDS Marketing w/ Sharon @sharonmostyn
  • 4th WEDS Social Change w/ Chris @sourcepov
  • 5th WEDS (when there is one) a chance focus on new topics, introduce guest speakers, or discuss key SM trends; have an idea? reach out to host/founder Chris Jones @sourcepov

 #CmgrChat: 2 pm

 #SeoPub: 3 pm

 #PinChat: 9 pm

  • Topic: Best Pinterest practices, new uses, tools, highlight brand usage, personal/professional use and share our passion for Pinning
  • Host: @tribe2point0




#myblogguest: 11 am

  • Topic: Blogging and Content Marketing
  • Hosted by: @myblogguest

 #smmeasure: 12 pm

 #SEOchat: 1 pm

  • Topics: Educated SEO theories, Advanced SEO
  • Current #seochat Moderators:

 #Media_Chat: 10 pm

  • Topic: Featuring guests on social and online media, new apps and anything media related
  • Host: @kilby76




 #SEOGOFISH: 12 pm


Relax 🙂


#Blogchat: 9 pm

24/7 chats:"Tweet:

  • #SmGirlfriends: Social media girls talking all day long! Great way to connect (official blog)
  • #wgbiz: Formerly a popular chat by @Tinu, now it’s a great way to connect to fellow marketing experts!
  • #SMOchat: Formely a popular chat on Social Media Optimization, the hashtag remains active and you can use it to connect to SMO professionals]
  • #smbiz: This used to be a weekly Small business marketing Twitter chat and it’s now a great way to connect!
  • #KloutChat: Formerly an official Klout chat, now this hashtag is a great way to read about social media influence, in general, and Klout tips in particular.
  • #InfluenceChat: I couldn’t figure if it’s a regular chat any more but looks like an active hashtag for sure!
  • #SocialMedia: This is a popular 24/7 hashtag and in the past a semi-regular Twitter chat (watch the schedule here in case it’s back again!)

This list was a big help for me.

**If any of the chats changed schedule or stopped or if you have started a regular Twitter chat and want us to feature it in the calendar, please share it in the comments or tweet to me @seosmarty**


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