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Cat Post – Enjoy some Old Time Radio – MP3

I like old time radio – those old radio shows from the 1930’s -1950’s. In the days before the internet, in the day’s before TV’s….in the days where families would gather around their radio’s and listen to shows like: Suspense, My Favorite Husband, Black Museum, Lone Ranger, Lux Radio Theater, Boston Blackie, Jack Benny, Green Hornet, Burns and Allen, Amos & Andy, The Whistler, Abbott & Costello, Great Gildersleeve, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Who, Dick Tracy, Groucho Marx, etc, etc.

When TV came along in the 1950’s most of these radio shows died off.

Each day I get to listen to a show on my drive to work, and one on the way home. I’ve got a crazy collection of about 50,000 shows (42,000 from here alone). I will never be able to listen to them all in my lifetime.

I thought I’d give a link to a show for any of you who’d like to jump back in time. This particular show was recorded in 1950, but it takes place in the future world of 1987, where they travel back in time to the 1920’s (follow that?) This one is from the show "Dimension X" from July 7th 1950 called "Mars is Heaven"(mp3).

It’s 30 minutes in length. Depending on any feedback, I might post some more some day. FYI, most of these shows were never copyrighted, and those that were, the copyright has expired on most.


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