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Have a Sports Related Website?

I’ve got some advertising space on a sports related website that I can sell.

About this website:
This site had over 2 million page views in Jan 2006.
This site has over 15,000 all natural backlinks (yahoo linkdomain)
The site also has over 400 backlinks that are .edu and .gov.
What this means is that it’s a trusted website with quality traffic.

What I’m selling:
Whole information pages with some links going out.

How this works:
You’ll need to write 300-600 words (or have us write it for $50)
The content on this page must be informative, and must "add quality" to the site. I can not stress eneough that your article must be of quality information.

You can put in up to 4 links going to your sports related site.
You can also put in a few other links going to authority webpages on the topic of your article.
If you request, I’ll wrap a condom around your links.

The homepage will not link to your article, but your article will be well linked within the site. Your page will have over 2000 internal webpages linking to your page.

What this means as that your traffic should be pretty good from this page. This page may rank high, and if you’ve got a good article with quality links in it, you should get some good traffic to your site.

$100 per month. I would hope that click throughs from this page to your site would be worth this price. If you don’t think the click throughs will be worth it, don’t purchase this.

What’s the URL of this site I’m selling this informative advertising on?
I’m not telling you until I’ve approved your url and your article has been approved, and payment has been sent in.

Contact me at my name at Tell my your sports related URL and I’ll let you know if it qualifies.


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  1. damn.. that looks like a sweet deal, i’m not in sports. But I allways wondered what the price for such pages we’re with that amount of backlinks. But this is way less then i thought they would go for…


  2. I think the price Jim is offering there is a bit less than what you would pay just about anywhere else.

    I think Jim tries to find stuff for way way way way less than it is worth, and then he can rent it out at a profit for way way less than it is worth 🙂

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