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Mike Grehan – Drink from his knowledge.

Mike Grehan interviewed on SEO Buzzbox.

Aaron Pratt has racked up another great interview, this time with Mike Grehan. Of all the people I know in the SEO industry, Mike might be the person I respect the most. When I have "advanced" SEO questions I’ll write them down and pull them out at the next conference when I see Mike. Mike’s an amazing speaker, writer, and thinker. If you only read 2 book about this industry, I’d recommend Aaron Wall’s SEO Book, and Mike’s The essential best practice guide. If you’re an SEO, Read his book.

Here’s some more of Mike info that every SEO should read:

    so where was I….oh yea, Mike’s interview.  Here’s my favorite quote from Mike:

    Like any other business, your presence should have a natural growth curve. Search engines have enough data about communities online to spot spikes in them. I just never really understand the lengths that people go to get as many links as they can as quickly as they can, when working on how to get two or three great authority links is much more beneficial in the long term.

    Read the complete Mike Grehan interview on SEO Buzzbox.


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  1. Marketing is not just about how much you spend – it’s about how best you spend.

    He just made a point in a single sentence that I’ve tried to eke out over a couple of blog comments.

    Not just a better marketer, but a better writer than me as well?!

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